Guaranteed All-Inclusive Prices

Early, Accurate Guaranteed All-Inclusive Prices.

All Inclusive PricingThrough FINFROCK’s extensive experience, we understand the cost drivers, design standards, and construction details associated with the design and construction of cost effective projects which often include structured parking. This understanding, teamed with our knowledge of manufacturing the structural components, allows us to develop early accurate budgets.

Developing Your Budget – It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

The following group of criteria represents the three most important factors in determining a budget for structured parking:

  1. Available Land. Geometry is the most important factor in the overall cost efficiency of structured parking.
  2. Program Requirements. Simply stated, “How many parking spaces are needed and what will the parking serve?”
  3. Adjacent Structures and Boundaries.

Once we have discussed the three items above, FINFROCK will have enough information to generate a budget number for your project.

Refining Your Budget – The Final Three Pieces

When discussing only the three items above, we rely on certain assumptions for other aspects of the parking structure. Input available on the following three items helps to narrow assumptions, refining your budget.

  1. Level of Architectural Finish.
  2. Geotechnical Information.
  3. Additional Program Requirements.

Guaranteeing All-Inclusive Prices — Meeting the Promise

After a few short meetings with FINFROCK to determine final information for each of the six criteria above, FINFROCK will provide a guaranteed all-inclusive price — a price which also includes the design. Call us and we’ll give you an accurate budget or, with the right information, a guaranteed all-inclusive price. Isn't this a far superior method than using industry averages?

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