Our technology is re-writing the book on how we think about precast/prestressed construction. By improving our total project delivery system, our processes and software enable us to significantly improve the benefits we provide to you.

Dual Deck

FINFROCK’s DualDeck™ Composite Truss is a perfect floor member for large multi-story buildings. Starting with the understanding the benefits of an improved truss FINFROCK engineers worked backward to envision the technology required for this innovative building product.

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Piece Tracekr Logo

PieceTracker is a software program developed by Finfrock programmers that provides real time information about each building component (precast piece) from the creation of the individual component in the building design, to the manufacturing of each piece, to its storage location or shipping status and ultimate erection of the piece in the field. PieceTracker relies upon each precast component having a unique identification number and provides the sequential order in which precast pieces will be erected. Network access is available on desktops, laptops, PDAs and other mobile devices to ensure that transportation and erection personnel are shipping and erecting precast/prestressed concrete in the most efficient manner. This powerful tool is responsible for virtually eliminating precast structure schedule delays and lets us know, to the minute, where we are in the schedule.

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StructureWorks Logo

StructureWorks LLC , a subsidiary of FINFROCK, is a 3-D modeling and design software company. StructureWorks enables the user to create a complete 3-dimensional model of the precast/prestressed concrete components of the building, including all reinforcing, connections, lifting hardware, etc., and automates the process of providing drawings to the manufacturing facility and the erection crews. Modeling the building in a 3-D environment increases the speed of design, and virtually eliminates design errors. StructureWorks software is sold to precast concrete manufacturers around the world.

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XceleRAYtor turns complicated and time-consuming two-dimensional piece drawings into simple to comprehend three-dimensional work instructions without ever missing revisions. Working with files rather than paper assures your company is always working on the most up to date information. Visually develop the erection load list faster and utilize the model to provide a visual aid for pinpointing problematic erection scenarios.

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