Student Opportunities

We will need everyone from Architects to Engineers and Graphic Designers to Software Engineers and Accountants.

FINFROCK Student OpportunitiesOur student programs work like Advanced Placement for professional and career development and are open to students enrolled in Civil/Structural Engineering, Architecture and Building Construction. FINFROCK Design-Manufacture-Construct offers paid positions, and subsidized housing. Students are placed in the Professional Development Program receiving valuable experience and credit toward a permanent position. Although AEC is currently the vast majority of our college recruiting, our 2020 growth plan will see co-ops and interns in all divisions of the company.

Recruitment Schedule

We seek a 12 week minimum commitment to enter the program. While the majority of students find it more convenient to intern/co-op over their summer break, some have combined this with their spring or fall semester and stayed for as long as 8 months. We accept students as early as the end of their freshman year and have had some return up to three times.

Session Acceptance

Applicants are accepted for these sessions
(variations in schedules need approval):

  • January – April
  • January – August
  • May – December
  • June - August

Save money, reduce risk and develop complete buildings faster with the FINFROCK process.