Providing Single Source Responsibility, Reduced Risk, Reduced Costs, and Compressed Schedules.

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FINFROCK takes a radically different approach by delivering the “whole building” through a unified “design-manufacture-construct” approach. FINFROCK operates with a vertically integrated business model centered on supplying value and single source responsibility through all project phases. FINFROCK develops innovative solutions for structured parking, office buildings, multi-unit residential complexes, and mixed-use facilities particularly where parking is an integral part of the project.

The FINFROCK process benefits clients in the following ways:

Reduced Risk

Reduced Risk for Owners

By providing single source responsibility for the entire process, FINFROCK virtually eliminates your risk. Our experience enables us to deliver exactly the building you need.

How FINFROCK Reduces Owner’s Risk

  • Single source responsibility reduces the potential for litigation
  • Lump sum contracting eliminates contractor initiated change orders
  • Continuous process and product improvement increases building quality
  • Speed of precast/prestressed concrete construction reduces disruption on and off site
  • Exceptional financial strength provides bonding capacity for large projects, assuring performance
Reduced Cost

Reduced Costs

FINFROCK’s project delivery system is unmatched in its quality and efficiency. This enables us to lower our prices while improving performance, resulting in more value for your project dollar. FINFROCK can even leverage its experience to provide early, accurate, guaranteed all-inclusive prices that include design by answering 3 to 6 critical questions.

How FINFROCK Reduces Costs

  • Early knowledge of guaranteed project costs significantly reduces owner risk in determining project feasibility
  • Constant improvements in our processes and products reduces maintenance and overall project costs through innovation
  • A compressed project schedule reduces interest costs and improves ROI
  • Improved integration and coordination of subsystems avoids subcontractor sub-optimization, greatly reducing costs by optimizing the whole building rather than each part
  • Durable, fire resistant precast/prestressed concrete structures provide the ability to reduce insurance rates and lower maintenance and life cycle costs
  • Precast/prestressed concrete structural products with architectural finishes eliminates redundant systems
  • As a specialist in parking, multi-unit residential and mixed-use markets our expertise provides more efficient designs and outstanding long-term durability
Reduced Schedule

Reduced Schedule

As a vertically integrated company FINFROCK is able to conduct work in multiple phases of a project simultaneously.  With multiple disciplines moving forward at the same time, schedules are shortened.

How FINFROCK Reduces Schedule

  • In-house design and construction means questions during all phases receive a rapid response

  • 3D modeling of the structure virtually eliminates design errors, reducing construction delays

  • Lump sum contracts eliminate contractor initiated change orders and the accompanying delays

  • Scheduling and most critical path items are managed in-house

  • PieceTracker® software manages completion of the structure in real time

  • FINFROCK directed precast/prestressed concrete manufacturing allows:

    • Manufacturing to begin prior to full completion of design documents
    • Off-site manufacture of the structure simultaneously with site work
    • Computer aided manufacturing which shortens production time
    • Integration of subtrades into the structural components which can reduce scope or even eliminate some trades
    • Structural erection, vertically by zones from foundation to roof, to speed sub-trade completion with earlier access than in other building system types



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