A Look Inside The Planning For NorthView, One of UCF’s Newest Communities

Student Housing Business

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The public-private partnership model employed in the development of the NorthView student housing project allowed for fully integrated project delivery. “I'm not sure that developers and universities realize that they have choices,” says Robert Finfrock, president of FINFROCK, the company that designed and built the recently completed 600-bed NorthView student housing complex at the University of Central Florida. FINFROCK's company served as the architect and engineer of record as well as the general contractor and pre-cast concrete manufacturer on the job. “Using the public private partnership, or P3, delivery model for on-campus or university affiliated projects affords them much more flexibility than projects that are subject to public procurement laws,” says Robert Finfrock. The flexibility FINFROCK referred to turned out to be the critical factor that allowed the NorthView project to succeed. “There are tremendous efficiencies that the private sector can take advantage of, but publicly procured projects miss out on, it's a shame really. But this new wave of P3 projects provides them the opportunity to gain from those efficiencies in the same way that private developers do,” he says.


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