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Prestressed construction at Surf Style Mixed Use StructurePrestressed construction at Surf Style Mixed Use Structure


In-house design-build format allows quick adjustments to meet new requirements, aesthetic changes, and challenges of a tight site

Members of design-build teams often laud the ability to provide input early in the process that avoids later surprises or last-minute changes. When the entire team works in-house to start, all employed by one company, the closer communication can enhance the project outcome.


An example can be seen in the Surf Style retail store and parking structure built on the beach in Clearwater, Fla. The team handled last-minute design changes, ongoing aesthetic input from the owner and city, and the challenge of having to construct the facility entirely within the building’s footprint. Even with these obstacles, the outmoded building on the site was demolished and the new one was open for business in only eight months.


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