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How extensive use of technology in design and construction benefits you

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FINFROCK is transforming construction technology through innovation.FINFROCK is transforming construction technology through innovation.



A technology company transforming construction

CREATING efficiencies to drive down risk and cost

Most of us carry more technology in one pocket today than was used to land a man on the moon. The devices we carry give us phone and internet access anywhere, text communication, video and still cameras, apps for organization, information, and entertainment. We don’t even need to ask directions. We merely ask Google to show us the best way to get there. But there are still areas in business, particularly in the construction industry, that seem unable or unwilling to be simplified through the use of technology. That’s where we at FINFROCK believe we excel.


After being introduced to our business model, a question from a potential client recently prompted us to think about what we are at our core. “Are you a construction company, or a technology company?” he asked. The truth is, we’re both – technology to simplify and streamline the process of designing, engineering, manufacturing, assembling and finishing projects of all sizes and construction to deliver benefits enabled through the use of creatively applied technology.


From laser technology designed to ensure exceptionally tight tolerances to software designed for logistics, to our DualDeck Building System designed specifically to simplify and speed construction, everything we do at FINFROCK is intended to holistically transform the way we deliver buildings. This results in:

• a more unified method
• reduced owner risk
• projects completed in a fraction of the time


Inside, you’ll see an analysis of how using FINFROCK-developed and other technologies can benefit you and bring simplicity to your next
mid-rise building project.


As a designer, manufacturer, and constructor of commercial buildings, we know from experience that it’s no easy task for a single disciplined industry professional to acquire the knowledge essential to bring many thousands of components from dozens of trades together in a single building. At FINFROCK, we’ve invested in an array of technology products designed to create solutions to simplify every facet of our process. We even created a software company to develop the tools needed to fundamentally change the way we design and deliver buildings.


FINFROCK designs and engineers a building so that the location of every component needed to complete that building is verified in a computer generated 3D model before it’s manufactured, delivered, and then finally assembled on-site according to a strict, yet nimble, step-by-step plan and schedule. The reality of what happens on the job site is an assembly of a project already proven in a highly controlled 3D model.
By using Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), you obtain two enormous benefits from the FINFROCK approach:


• Reduced Risk
• Reduced Cost


Reducing Cost Planning For Success

The manufacturing industry was first to use 3D modeling in planning. Since we are also a manufacturing company, we believe the construction industry has much to learn from advanced manufacturing. Advanced planning leads to efficiencies resulting in lower costs. FINFROCK believes planning before execution is what separates adequate construction jobs from truly exceptional ones. It is the willingness to prepare and to get things right when it is time to execute that brings cost saving efficiencies.


With Virtual Design and Construction, everyone can see exactly how the building will come together. By taking the opportunity to build the building first in the computer, you decrease costs through improved quality which reduces first costs and life cycle costs. For instance, high quality attained through the dimensional accuracy of all components can eliminate certain trades present only to cover the inaccuracies or unsightliness of previously completed work. Exceptionally tight tolerances achieved through dimensional accuracy reduce costs. Buildings which fit together precisely are faster to assemble and have superior building envelope integrity, lowering future maintenance costs.


Two key items simplify complex onsite logistics. The building is built first in a 3D model, then FINFROCK’s PieceTracker product management software brings the 4th dimenson –time– to ensure projects stay on schedule and that onsite assembly is less complicated and labor intensive. The model allows for accurate installation of multiple subsystems into structural components during the manufacturing process. By moving vast amounts of subsystem installation offsite, and using technology to improve installation productivity, costs are deeply reduced. You reap savings in multiple ways from less required site supervision to reduced parking needs to accommodate more onsite construction trades and their associated workers.


Reducing Risk Preparing For Win-Win

FINFROCK’s fully integrated design-build project delivery system enables an accurate price to be developed, typically with minimal or no design fees. The 3D model allows you to see exactly the building you are buying and us to develop an accurate price. The FINFROCK approach minimizes your opportunity costs enabling you to prove the viability of your project sooner thereby allowing you to make well-informed business decisions.


In a conventional construction project, cost overruns through change orders typically amount to between seven and eight percent of the total cost. The 3D model we use virtually eliminates change orders since conflicts are worked out in the model, not in the field. Coordination of changes is put in the hands of those best able to make them. With building subcomponents (mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection) precisely located in advance, interference between trades on-site is all but banished. This eliminates schedule delays and assures on-time completion.


One of the greatest benefits of integrating subsystems virtually first and then during manufacturing is the exceptional speed and accuracy in completing the construction. It is not unusual for us to complete onsite construction in 50 to 60 percent of typical construction time. This minimizes your risk of market changes that can occur over the course of a lengthy construction process.


The multiple efficiencies that serve to lower costs also keep onsite construction time to a minimum. Overlapping many disciplines, from permitting to manufacturing, site work to final assembly, FINFROCK projects are completed in 50 to 60 percent of the time it takes using typical design methods and other building systems. This reduced time on site means lower general condition and finance costs.


In the end


To be successful, your project must serve your client, lease, rent, or sell. Again, virtual design and construction technology, combined with our delivery system assure you that we’ve designed a building that is aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient. By putting on virtual reality gear, you can take a simulated tour to see that we will deliver the building you envision to make your project a success. It’s FINFROCK’s decades of experience, commitment to intensive Research & Development coupled with recent advancements in 3D modeling that allow us to reduce costs in many unexpected ways. All of this has enabled us to create our unique approach to realizing efficiencies designed to reduce your risk and costs.


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