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Risk is the Problem—Knowledge is the Solution

Getting what you ask for is everyone’s expectation of a successful business transaction. An exceeded expectation is getting more than you ask for—usually something you didn’t realize you needed, wanted, or was available. At FINFROCK, our aim is to exceed your expectations by reducing your risk using unique knowledge that others do not always possess.


To reduce your risk, while helping you bring your building project to market, we look at your project from three vantage points:


  • meeting your intended function
  • making your project aesthetically pleasing
  • assuring your project is economically viable


In the traditional design-bid-build approach, many a developer or owner starts design with the intended function and aesthetics—then cross their fingers that the economics work when bids come in. Why? Simply because many consultants are not in a position to have the necessary information to deliver on the economic point.


By hiring a fully integrated design-builder such as FINFROCK, with all design, manufacturing, and construction capabilities in-house, you reduce your risk. We have the knowledge to deliver on all three points. Your expectations are exceeded when you receive a building that functions better than you imagine, is aesthetically pleasing using technology and systems you might not know exist and is economically viable in ways you might not consider.


Are you getting what you ask for—or what you need?


When invited to design a building we always dig deeper into the project to find ways to provide more than what is asked. Such was the case with one owner who issued a design-build RFP with the request to meet a particular criteria and budget. Since the RFP was to provide a design-build option rather than bidding the existing layout, FINFROCK looked beyond the suggested footprint. Reconfiguring the footprint improved the efficiencies of the site and building, and reduced the costs. FINFROCK’s proposal proved to be the only one submitted able to meet the functional and budget requirements.


In the end, by not getting exactly what he asked for, the owner got exactly what he needed, and the project finished ahead of schedule. Was the owner happy? Most likely since we’ve recently completed a second project and started the design on a third.


Vertical Integration Creates Customer Value


Sometimes it makes sense to change your mind even though it’s impractical. A client came to us requesting a parking garage to meet current and future expansion needs. Easy enough! FINFROCK completed design, manufactured the precast concrete components, mobilized the site and poured foundations. Then the owner realized it might be best to build the expansion right away.
All departments at FINFROCK responded very quickly to the request. In just one week, the owner had the adjusted costs and schedule impact to proceed with two additional levels. The garage was complete when needed, and the owner realized a $600,000 savings over building later.


Given that the original garage was completely designed, manufactured, and ready for construction, the increased scope was treated as a separate addition. The ability to design, manufacture, and construct what amounted to an additional 264 car garage—in just six weeks—was no small task.


Exceeding your Expectations


As the architect, engineer, and contractor of hundreds of parking structures we’ve gained an exceptional amount of experience and cost history for different functions and aesthetic treatments. One owner made use of our knowledge when developing a large site that would include several parking structures to serve retail, residential, and office buildings. After analyzing the master site plan, FINFROCK asked why the streets were laid out at angles that would cause all of the parking structures to be inefficiently designed, making them exceptionally costly to construct.


The answer—an underground utility line that would be expensive to relocate, so the development had been planned to avoid this added expense. Not taken into consideration was the added expense of the parking structures. FINFROCK was able to calculate the additional cost quickly to build the less efficient parking before the owner invested in plans for buildings that would have been too expensive to build.


Having this information early in the process allowed the owner to change the master plan, relocate the utility line for several hundred thousand dollars and exceed his expectations by saving several million dollars for each parking structure.


Results should be win/win


A client approached us with a project that was over budget. The building had been designed to be constructed using a different building system than ours. His experiences with our system lead him to believe he could reduce risk and cost for the project by implementing it. Our initial reaction was that we could not provide a solution. However, one of our designers suggested an innovative way to frame the building that would potentially lower the cost. We revised the structural system of the building, while maintaining the function and aesthetics, and reduced the cost by over one million dollars.


Knowing when it’s best to say no


Since FINFROCK expends considerable design efforts—most often at no cost to you—it must quickly be determined if your project benefits from our building system. With architectural, engineering, manufacturing, and construction disciplines in-house, you’ll know early if there is a viable, value driven solution for you.


You’ll never be lead down a path that has no solution to meet your functional, aesthetic and economic concerns. If our knowledge cannot reduce your risk and add value to your project, you know before you spend substantial resources.
That’s why, we regularly enter into guaranteed lump sum contracts that prohibit us from charging for change orders unless they are owner driven. This further reduces your risk of cost overruns.