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The DualDeck Building System; the type of disruptive technology that changes industries

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The Dual Deck Building System by FINFROCK is the type of disruptive technology that changes industries.The Dual Deck Building System by FINFROCK is the type of disruptive technology that changes industries.




How it is changing
the construction industry


Would you consider a different building system for your next project if you could gain even a few of the following benefits?


  • Minimized chance of building obsolescence
  • Accelerated schedules
  • Superior attributes of concrete construction
  • No contractor initiated change orders
  • Lower initial and life cycle costs


Impossible? Not at all! FINFROCK’s revolutionary DualDeck Building System delivers not just a few, but all of these benefits with each project.


The DualDeck Building System is the result of more than a decade of proprietary engineering and development — producing the type of disruptive technology that changes industries. Unlike typical construction methods, this building system is highly customizable with the flexibility to adapt to most any programmatic or design criteria. Mass customization means schedules can be accelerated, and costs can be reduced. Accessible interstitial space simplifies maintenance, reducing life cycle costs. Lump sum contracts prohibit us from initiating change orders unless you make building modifications.


Imagine — a building system that reduces your risks and cost by ending unacceptable surprises during construction and through the life of the building. Inside is a look at how the developer of a new luxury waterfront hotel is gaining all these benefits.


While costs play a big role in whether projects get built or not, how risks are absorbed, transferred, and managed determines who is on your project team. This is how FINFROCK controls cost and helps you reduce your risk.


Minimized chance of building obsolescence


Long-span capabilities and easily accessible interstitial space permit unprecedented open floor plans capable of adapting your building to changing needs. With clear spans of up to 65 feet, the resulting open space lends itself to a myriad of possibilities: combining units, expanding tenant spaces, or completely changing a building’s use. Interstitial space allows access to mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems. When needs change, this access gives you the ability to adapt building subsystems more easily to new uses. The flexibility of FINFROCK’s DualDeck Building System prepares your building for any future demands.


Accelerated schedules


Computer aided manufacturing driven by 3D modeling ensures dimensional accuracy in the product. The exceptional accuracy allows subsystem installation during manufacturing and can eliminate some subtrades such as ceiling, drywall, core drilling, and floor leveling. Simultaneously, while manufacturing precast components, FINFROCK has already begun site work so construction can begin as soon as components are ready for installation. Even during assembly of the structure, subtrades have access to portions of the building to further speed completion. Simply put, using the DualDeck Building System gives you the power to increase your ROI.


Superior attributes of concrete construction


“Hurricane Frances sat directly over West Palm Beach for 22 hours, and Finfrock’s building didn’t suffer a single leak.”
~ Mike Steger, Director of Maintenance, Palm Beach Atlantic University


Precast concrete construction offers unmatched advantages in terms of extreme weather protection and sound transmission. The components are manufactured to such tolerances that each and every piece fits together precisely, reducing the risk of water intrusion and the time it takes to assemble the building on site. Concrete walls, floors, and ceilings separated by interstitial space drastically reduces sound transmission. The thermal mass of precast concrete components provides excellent temperature control as well as protection against fire and security breaches. A 2-hour UL fire rating adds an extra measure of protection against the threat of fire moving from one unit to another. Insurance costs are lower because concrete simply does not burn. The permanence and durability of concrete make it superior to wood, which is susceptible to wood destroying organisms.


No contractor initiated change orders


As a vertically-integrated design-builder, we are the only company who can act as the architect, engineer, general contractor and largest subcontractor. All of these professions are in-house, under one roof. This business model allows us to reduce your risk and costs by guaranteeing the price and performance due to the single source control of those disciplines.


FINFROCK develops a project virtually using BIM and StructureWorks 3D, software we developed in-house, to analyze all the subsystems and structural elements before manufacturing and construction begin. This eliminates time-consuming field conditions that lead to costly change orders and schedule overruns. We are so confident of our ability to deliver your project as promised that we offer Lump Sum Contracts that prohibit us from issuing change orders for anything that is not initiated by you. You have the assurance that the cost you have at the start of construction will be the same at the end.


Lower initial and life cycles costs


As a vertically integrated company, FINFROCK has the knowledge to design your project to go beyond your requirements. The entire FINFROCK team cross-trains in our project development, design, construction, and manufacturing departments, learning how decisions they make can impact the total building costs. Constant monitoring of all phases with input from each department assures you are getting the highest quality structure, equipped with systems designed to reduce initial and life cycle costs. Using BIM for every building design, precast/prestressed concrete component and subsystem you will know what is behind each wall, under every floor and above each ceiling and exactly where it is. With most subsystems located in the accessible interstitial space, the challenges and cost of maintaining or changing building subsystems are reduced.


DualDeck Building System — Benefit delivering technology


By combining incremental changes in technology — more powerful computers, industry specific software, BIM, and lasers — we’ve created the disruptive technology of the DualDeck Building System. It changes how we build buildings and how you purchase them. It lets us provide exceptional customer value by delivering buildings as a product rather than as a series of services.