Solutions 16.1

Knowledge and control of costs improves your position

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Design-build experts FINFROCK, Construction Solutions News.Design-build experts FINFROCK, Construction Solutions News.




This issue of Solutions analyzes how to improve your competitive position and the return on your investment by changing uncertainty into risk. While most of us use the terms uncertainty and risk interchangeably, uncertainty is a lack of information, while risk implies probabilities we know or can measure. While risk doesn’t necessarily protect us from adverse outcomes, converting uncertainty to risk does improve our ability to make better decisions. So the move from uncertainty to risk can represent a vast improvement in the probability that the return on your investment will materialize as you intended.


By taking seriously the possibility that some damaging economic outcomes are possible, you can more adequately prepare to avoid them. For example, the many unknown costs of purchasing and operating a large building lead to an increase in uncertainty. By using FINFROCK as a single source business partner, we can help you turn uncertainty into manageable risk by giving you the information you need to evaluate initial and many life-cycle costs. Or, as we like to say – by purchasing a building as a product rather than as a series of services.