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Saving Interest Costs with Accelerated Schedules

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Design-build experts FINFROCK, Construction News.Design-build experts FINFROCK, Construction News.



Saving Interest Costs with Accelerated Schedules


The growing demand to deliver buildings more quickly, more efficiently and more economically has outpaced current design and construction methods. It is clear that current project delivery systems have limited means to speed construction in ways that produce significant cost savings. So, as the limits of technology, human resources, and available capital are met, it takes an extraordinary innovation to extend those limits. It requires a disruptive technology.


FINFROCK is dedicated to changing the building industry, and the way clients procure buildings. It is the catalyst for bringing architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and construction in-house, under one roof – and developing disruptive technologies from software to the revolutionary DualDeck Building System. The combination of our delivery process, technologies, and building system cuts onsite construction time nearly in half, providing substantial economic benefits to projects.


The DualDeck Building System is highly customizable with the flexibility to adapt to most programmatic or design criteria. This is accomplished without detrimental effects to schedules, thereby contributing to reduced interest costs on construction loans and creating a much earlier income stream.


This issue of Solutions examines a 183 key extended stay hotel project and accompanying 211 stall parking structure delivered one year earlier than the hotel’s flag anticipated. The early delivery result: significant interest savings and the ability to produce income earlier, during Florida’s lucrative winter tourist season.


Reduce Interest Costs By Accelerating Schedules FINFROCK’s fully integrated design-build company brings the collaboration of architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and general contracting together under one roof. The DualDeck Building System incorporates plumbing and electrical into the floor product during production, reducing onsite labor and accelerating the schedule. The DualDeck, form finished both top and bottom, provides ceilings and floors ready for paint and flooring material, further reducing labor and construction time. The use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) also speeds onsite construction since potential conflicts are identified and resolved in a 3D model before manufacturing and construction begin.