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FINFROCK offers clients more than mere consulting; we act as a partner

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Design-build experts FINFROCK, Construction Industry News.Design-build experts FINFROCK, Construction Industry News.


How FINFROCK develops a consultative relationship with owners.

So, how does FINFROCK gain the trust of its customers and become a trusted advisor to owners when they are building structured parking?


The key differentiator is FINFROCK’s approach to working with its clients as a partner than a mere consultant. We have a unique, process that’s been proven in the design and construction of hundreds of commercial buildings, over 200 of which are free-standing parking structures.. We have the competitive advantage of being able to design and construct a cost effective building and oversee the construction of a client’s project from ground-breaking to certificate of occupancy – while also leveraging our strength as a precast/ prestressed concrete manufacturer. The FINFROCK process reduces risk and the hassle of dealing with multiple companies, cost overruns, and scheduling issues inherent in a traditional building process.


It’s this process that allows us to prove early on if a project is viable. It’s what allows us to design projects with an eye for economics and keeps our clients and us from embarking on work that doesn’t have the potential to be viable. As a vertically integrated company with architecture, engineering, manufacturing, software development, and construction services under one roof, we control most of the process internally.


For over 70 years, we have worked hard to cultivate trust with our clients and our business partners. In fact, one of our guiding principles is to Practice Integrity In All That We Do. To learn more about how we have been able to develop a Trusted Advisor relationship with our clients – and how we can earn that same relationship with you – turn the page.


The majority of our clients who hire us to design and build parking structures become repeat customers. Why? In a word, trust. They know they can call us when contemplating purchasing or developing a property and get strategic advice about the best options for their business goals. They have learned that we can help them vet a concept for economic and functional viability upfront – usually at no cost. Often, we assist our clients with site selection and footprint allocation, which can result in a 50% reduction in costs. This guidance is invaluable for a client to validate their pro forma.


Following are just a few examples of how we helped our clients achieve their business goals:


“This project was completed 31 days ahead of schedule and more than $20,000 under budget. I have been associated with the construction of numerous large capital improvement projects for more than 20 years and have never experienced this level of company performance and delivery.”
--John Zobler, City Manager, City of Ocala


“FINFROCK has to be the most professional group I’ve ever worked with. They are on time, on budget, and they solve problems quickly. They are definitely a group that delivers what they promise and they are very trustworthy. We’re looking forward to using them on future projects.”
– Andrea Mathieu, Corporate Construction Manager,
The Related Group


“This project would not have been as successful without all of the effort, coordination, open communication and working relations that were created during the tenure of the project. It has been a pleasure working with FINFROCK and I hope that we may have the opportunity to do business in the future.”
--Matthew J. Jeffries, Assistant VP, Biscayne Landing


These types of quotes confirm why FINFROCK is a Trusted Advisor and why we earn repeat business from our clients. Sometimes, that leads to projects with clients who have project work outside of Florida.


Reedy Creek Improvement District, Lake Buena Vista, FL
As the location for Central Florida’s largest employer, this client has a significant need for parking. FINFROCK was selected to provide complete design-build services. As one of the most complex projects in our portfolio, this structure is designed for a high-end user experience and features decorative façades, parking guidance systems and a high capacity ramping system. It is currently one of the largest parking structures we will complete in a single phase.


Downtown Winter Garden, Winter Garden, FL
The City of Winter Garden wanted a parking structure that would meet the charm and character of the downtown area. FINFROCK designed and delivered a two elevated-level parking structure with a capacity of 523 parking spaces that blends with the nearby architecture styles from the 1920s to the 1950s and 60s. Through the use of precast concrete, the exterior façade is a combination of panels with cast-in brick and punched window wall panels. In addition, FINFROCK delivered a parking garage that was 12 feet shorter than the City’s original design while still maintaining over 500 spaces. This reduced the project cost and maximized the usable plaza area to the north of the project site.


Gramercy Woods, Jacksonville, FL
A 90-acre business campus in Jacksonville originally developed a concept for a parking structure in a crescent shape, emulating the semi-circular parcel it would be built upon. FINFROCK realized the business owner would derive no value by bidding the architect’s plans. The FINFROCK proposal kept the desired level of aesthetics and included the cost of redesign and construction. In the end, FINFROCK’s four elevated-parking solution with a capacity of 1,833 parking spaces provided the owner with short and long-term gains: it cost less to design and build, and it will be less costly to maintain.


Aurora, Tampa, FL
Many times, we are brought in to design and build parking structures being built concurrently with a hospital, an office or a multifamily building. We’re proud of our long-standing reputation as a design-builder that works successfully and collaboratively on job sites with other contractors. Project owners know that they can achieve the same benefits working with us to reduce overall risk while maintaining original scope and allowing their other contractors to remain focused on the work that will provide a return on their investment.


Earning The Trust Of Our Clients Across The Country For Over 70 Years


While most of our projects are in Florida, we also go out of state because our clients trust us enough to take us there. The majority of our out of state work comes from a client’s request to determine feasibility and then design and build projects across the country. We cultivate great working relationships with our clients by proving time and time again that we can reduce their risk up front and deliver their project on schedule with no delays, no excuses – no matter where that project may be.