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Delivering Student Housing On-Time Is Non Negotiable.

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Design-build experts FINFROCK, Construction Industry News.Design-build experts FINFROCK, Construction Industry News.


Delivering Student Housing On-Time Is Non Negotiable

Guaranteed Performance Is Not Just A Promise – It’s A Commitment


Accepting the responsibility to deliver a project like The Village at the University of South Florida on time is about guaranteeing performance – not making apologies. It’s certainly not about using contract language or unforeseen circumstances as excuses for exceeding budget or missing the deadline. In this issue, we examine how FINFROCK is delivering new student housing to replace outdated dormitories for Florida’s fourth largest university.


In 2016, USF awarded the winning team of Capstone Development Partners, Harrison Street and FINFROCK with a contract to deliver over 540,000 square feet of space in five buildings with 2,167 beds in two years’ time. Project delivery was phased over two schools years, to limit the amount of existing inventory taken out of circulation during any one school year. If not for FINFROCK’s vertically-integrated business model – with architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and construction all under one roof – the timely execution of this project, from design through occupancy, would have been nearly impossible.


To achieve the first phase of 885 beds within one school year required producing precast concrete off-site, then shipping and assembling it on-site. Our innovative DualDeck Building System, which incorporates subsystems into our precast product during the manufacturing process, was the catalyst for success. Accomplishing this level of performance in fourteen months -- with no contractor-driven change orders -- while maintaining high-quality standards is impossible with any other delivery system.


To learn more about how FINFROCK is using a vertically-integrated approach to deliver USF’s newest student housing project on time and on budget, turn the page.