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The Advantages of Modular Without The Constraints

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Construction Industry News - FINFROCK's methodology on modular construction is unrivaled in the design-build world with a unique building system.Construction Industry News - FINFROCK's methodology on modular construction is unrivaled in the design-build world with a unique building system.


When you hear the term "offsite construction," what comes to mind?

Some would say modular construction, which often has numerous constraints, including inflexibility, inferior quality and unimaginative design. When using FINFROCK's methodology, this could not be further from the truth. FINFROCK's brand of offsite construction doesn't have these limitations - instead, it features numerous benefits including reduced risk, lower overall project cost, the superior quality of an all concrete structure and compressed construction schedules to name just a few.


At FINFROCK, we have developed and patented an innovative building system, known as the DualDeck which takes offsite construction to an exciting new level, without the constraints typically associated with modular construction. In this issue, we will explore the key benefits for mixed occupancy, multi-story buildings such as reduced maintenance and reduced lifecycle costs, a myriad of exterior design alternatives and limitless interior design options thanks to long clear spans that are only possible with the DualDeck Building System, and faster ROI/profitability.


To learn more about how your company can achieve superior results with FINFROCK using offsite construction and our innovative DualDeck Building System, turn the page.


Considering the multiple benefits below that our clients
realize with FINFROCK’s offsite construction, it’s no surprise that project owners are embracing this building method.


Faster construction.


Using FINFROCK’s unique brand of offsite construction – the DualDeck™ Building System – our projects are completed significantly faster than using traditional construction methods. Produced in a quality-controlled factory setting, building subsystems such as electrical, mechanical, plumbing and fire protection are cast into building components during manufacturing. This moves a significant amount of labor offsite to a more efficient manufacturing setting. After shipment to the site, building components are assembled vertically from foundation to roof in zones. This permits subtrades earlier access than construction typically done horizontally by floor. Building off-site is transforming the construction process for multifamily housing, student housing, offices and hotels. Because FINFROCK is a vertically integrated design-builder, our designers understand the structural product and seamlessly integrate structural and architectural requirements accordingly.


Superior, durable, architectural appeal.


Offsite construction increases opportunities for shape, color and texture. There are a wide variety of architectural details and finishes that FINFROCK uses in offsite construction. Using precast concrete, we often integrate reveals, punched openings and a variety of finishes into structural elements rather than using a collection of redundant, inferior, and non-structural materials. Aesthetically pleasing finishes can be achieved using pigmented concrete for color variation, adding exposed aggregate or cast-in brick as well as using form liners to create interesting patterns and shapes – all of which is economical, durable and costs less to maintain.


Unparalleled quality.


By producing our components offsite in a factory-controlled setting, we deliver high quality, durable materials with greater dimensional accuracy and tight tolerances every time. Precast concrete benefits also include superior sound attenuation and fire ratings as well as outstanding energy efficiency.


Virtual visualization.


Thanks to FINFROCK’s use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, clients can virtually tour their project before construction begins and make design modifications as necessary, eliminating flaws that could be costly to fix on the job site – not to mention change orders which impede the construction schedule and cause budget overages.


Less site disruption.


With offsite construction, a significant portion of the building is constructed in the manufacturing facility. Since a large amount of the work is done off site, the job sites have less traffic due to fewer onsite workers and are cleaner due to less debris. Additionally, there is less laydown area required for storing materials on a tight site. Using the DualDeck ™ Building System also eliminates the need for floor prep or toppings as well as minimizing or eliminating some drywall and hung ceilings.


Improved flexibility.


FINFROCK has diminished the need for extreme repetition by using innovative technology. Our architects and engineers use 3D modeling and custom software products to maximize customization and address potential design issues before construction begins. For interior layouts, flexibility without constraints is a reality. For example, FINFROCK’s innovative DualDeck ™ Building System allows long clear spans up to 68 feet and column-free space that accommodates multiple design scenarios for mixed occupancy use.


Significant cost savings.


Working with FINFROCK, project owners realize significant cost savings through offsite construction. As a vertically integrated company, with architecture, engineering and manufacturing under one roof, FINFROCK can design and construct a cost-effective building and oversee the construction of a client’s project from ground-breaking to certificate of occupancy. This single source approach is much more efficient than a typical contractual arrangement where an owner works with separate architects and contractors who offer no guarantees of accuracy and work independently of one another – frequently resulting in errors, change orders, or shedule and cost overruns. Purchasing a building as a product rather than a series of services through FINFROCK’s fully integrated process, a project owner has the advantage of reduced risk. All of the responsibility to deliver a building accurately, within budget and on schedule lies with FINFROCK.


Is Offsite Construction The Right Choice For You?


Do you have an upcoming project that you would consider building with offsite construction? Given the previously mentioned benefits, it’s difficult to deny that this method is far superior to traditional, onsite construction. However, we realize that additional information may be necessary for clients who have never explored this alternative. We have helped clients obtain internal buy-in for offsite construction by giving them quantifiable data and showing them proven results to help inform their team.


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