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Why hiring A Design-Builder With Skin In The Game makes a difference

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Design-build experts FINFROCK, Construction Industry News.Design-build experts FINFROCK, Construction Industry News.



At FINFROCK, our point of differentiation is to approach every project with a big picture perspective for how to help our clients achieve significant return on investment.


Alliance Residential LLC is one such example. As the second largest multifamily developer in the nation known for developing highly sought after multifamily communities, Alliance has invested in more than $10 billion worth of real estate and manages a $15 billion portfolio.


For every new multifamily project that Alliance begins, time to market is critical. Rapidly changing market conditions are a reality and a huge component of a developer’s risk. Minimizing the risk by expediting the delivery of a building project is paramount – not just for realizing faster ROI from earlier occupancy but also to assure market conditions are less likely to change during construction and lease-up.


Given the reality of fluctuating market conditions, it was important that Alliance Residential make the right decision when choosing a design build partner for Broadstone Winter Park. With traditional construction, some uncertainties and risks are inevitable when working with a loose alliance of architects, engineers, and contractors. This scenario often results in change orders, scheduling delays and budget overages.


Not so with FINFROCK. As a vertically-integrated design-build company with architects, engineers, manufacturing, and construction under one roof, we assume all of the risks for the design and construction of every project. This was an attractive alternative for Alliance Residential, and for its underwriters – who were initially skeptical that FINFROCK could complete Broadstone Winter Park in just 15 months, while only needing 12.5 months to achieve first occupancy.


To learn more about how this progressive-minded developer was able to set a new company precedent by working with FINFROCK to maximize their investment and minimize their risk, turn the page.


o Superior quality and durability

o Quieter living

o Reduced energy, insurance, and life cycle  costs.


These are just a few of the benefits residents gain from the premium concrete construction FINFROCK
utilized to build Broadstone Winter Park.

• Extreme weather protection
• Reduced sound transmission
• Outstanding energy efficiency
• Protection against fire and security breaches
• Protection from termites
and wood destroying organisms


In addition to enabling record-breaking onsite-construction times, the DualDeck™ Building System offers the unmatched durability of precast/prestressed concrete. Because of FINFROCK’s superior project delivery and building systems, we delivered on the date promised in the contract.