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How FINFROCK can help you make those decisions sooner and with minimal investment

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Design-build experts FINFROCK, Construction Industry News.Design-build experts FINFROCK, Construction Industry News.



Sooner and With Minimal Investment

As a project owner or developer, there are many moving parts to consider on a commercial building project when deciding whether to move forward or abandon it. Three critical factors to consider before you can reach that decision are cost, time and value. Therefore, you might find it advantageous to reach that decision for less cost and less time yet with superior value. By working with FINFROCK, a vertically integrated single source design-builder, you obtain the reliable information you need to determine if your construction project pro forma will work and make your go/no-go decision sooner and at less cost for plans.

Sound too good to be true?

Not surprising, given the traditional, siloed method of working with independent architects, engineers, and general contractors. There is a better, easier way. When you work with FINFROCK, who employs all the disciplines you need – architects, engineers, construction and even the structural manufacturer – you are assured that one, unified team of professionals share your same goal – to see your building actually built. Working with a fully-engaged, fully-invested team to complete your project gives you more control, reduces your risk and ensures a win-win situation for everyone involved. One of the most valuable propositions of working with FINFROCK is a completion guarantee. This means that the team working on your project will meet or exceed your expectations, deliver as promised, and without any unexpected change orders. To learn more about how to mitigate your risk, demand accountability, and optimize control for your next project, turn the page.




At FINFROCK, we strive for win/win relationships with our clients. Our vertically integrated business model and innovative design-build project delivery system provide unparalleled value, allowing project owners to purchase a building as a product rather than a series of services. That single source approach gives our clients a strategic advantage by eliminating cost overruns, unnecessary change orders, schedule delays, inferior quality and unpredictable results.

Wouldn’t you like to have a shorter on-site construction schedule and a completion guarantee? With FINFROCK, you can.

Our team of in-house professionals conducts work in multiple phases of a project simultaneously. With multiple disciplines moving forward at the same time, and with scheduling and major critical path items managed in-house, your on-site schedule is shorter, and delivery dates are guaranteed. In fact, we are so confident in our approach that we offer our clients a guaranteed schedule with no chance for change orders unless the owner directs a scope change. Through the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), we show our clients what they are purchasing during design. Also, we design cost efficiencies into our buildings from the outset rather than “value engineering” quality, scope and aesthetics out after the bid, as is typical in the traditional design-bid-build method.

Wouldn’t you like to work with a partner that shares your commitment to excellence? With FINFROCK, you can.

We believe in the continuous pursuit of excellence. As a project owner or developer, you are assured that our processes are time-tested and proven to be successful in helping you meet your objectives. You can also be confident in our team of design, manufacturing and construction professionals with a combined wealth of experience and a long history of working together on numerous projects. Because our team is interdependent and working toward a common goal, we have “skin in the game” to produce positive outcomes for every project. This collaborative effort is not possible for a loose alliance of consultants that are individually goal-oriented.

As a project owner, wouldn’t you like to reduce or eliminate your risks? With FINFROCK you can.


The Traditional Design-Bid-Build Method


In typical design and construction contracts, the division of responsibility leads to sub-optimal results. Often, architects lack the information that drives costs, and contractors and subcontractors who understand cost drivers don’t participate in the design process. The result is one which leaves owners receiving no guarantee from the designers for the accuracy of plans -- yet being contractually obligated for design accuracy to the contractor and subcontractors. This lack of a team-oriented approach results in cost overruns and schedule delays.




With a vertically integrated design-builder, designers understand cost drivers and have continual input from contractors. Additionally, major subtrades such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection are brought on board early for design-build input on their systems. With FINFROCK and major subcontractors operating as a unified team, everyone guarantees the performance of their work and schedule. The result is no change orders or schedule overruns other than those driven by the owner.




FINFROCK provides added value as a result of our business model, combined with our consultative approach and our understanding of the economics involved. As a result, we provide the best plan and the best value for our clients. Ultimately, we are invested in your project’s success and will be good stewards of your budget and your project goals. (Read more about how we can act as a client’s economic advisor in Solutions Volume 16, Issue 4.)