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Market Focus: Multifamily Housing

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"By taking responsibility for design and construction, our completion guarantee allows developers to no longer bear the obligations that lead to change orders, cost overruns, and schedule delays." ~ Bill Finfrock, president of FINFROCK

When investing in a new multifamily residential project, taking on too much construction risk is an ever-present concern for even the most seasoned developer. Too often, there are unforeseen conditions that can arise between design and construction – resulting in budget overages and schedule delays.


With traditional construction methods, where you hire a loose alliance of architects, engineers, and general contractors separately and the lowest bid often wins – there is a high probability for unforeseen construction risks. Once construction is underway, who’s on the hook when change orders are required – costing time and money as well as compounded interest costs? Certainly not the architect or the GC who each have a contract that allows them to defer these risks to the owner/developer.


Is there a way for developers to get an early, guaranteed price, lower their construction risk and maximize ROI? It sounds too good to be true.
With FINFROCK, a single source, vertically integrated design-builder who can guarantee costs and guarantee schedules – it’s not only possible – it’s proven to be true.


To find out how you can have your cake and eat it too – by reducing risk and maximizing ROI on your next project – turn the page.