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Market Focus: Multifamily Housing

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"By taking responsibility for design and construction, our completion guarantee allows developers to no longer bear the obligations that lead to change orders, cost overruns, and schedule delays." ~ Bill Finfrock, president of FINFROCK

When investing in a new multifamily residential project, taking on too much construction risk is an ever-present concern for even the most seasoned developer. Too often, there are unforeseen conditions that can arise between design and construction – resulting in budget overages and schedule delays.


With traditional construction methods, where you hire a loose alliance of architects, engineers, and general contractors separately and the lowest bid often wins – there is a high probability for unforeseen construction risks. Once construction is underway, who’s on the hook when change orders are required – costing time and money as well as compounded interest costs? Certainly not the architect or the GC who each have a contract that allows them to defer these risks to the owner/developer.


Is there a way for developers to get an early, guaranteed price, lower their construction risk and maximize ROI? It sounds too good to be true.
With FINFROCK, a single source, vertically integrated design-builder who can guarantee costs and guarantee schedules – it’s not only possible – it’s proven to be true.


To find out how you can have your cake and eat it too – by reducing risk and maximizing ROI on your next project – turn the page.



Our integrated approach is critically important for mitigating project risk and encouraging collaboration. As a vertically-integrated design-build company with architects, engineers, manufacturing, and construction under one roof, we assume all of the risk for the design and construction of every project. Our professionals all work together under one roof and are committed to the same goal – to deliver buildings as a product -- not as a series of services.


The following graphic illustrates the complexity and risks associated in working with a loose alliance of architects, engineers, consultants and general contractors vs. working with FINFROCK: a single source, vertically-integrated design-build company with seamless and continuous collaboration. FINFROCK takes responsibility for the design and construction aspects of a project, thus eliminating the risk of change orders.


Icing On The Cake -- An Early, Guaranteed Price

We start every construction project with a clean slate. Our architects and engineers work with you as a team from the onset, using your functional, aesthetic and economic requirements to develop concepts that work. This allows you to receive an early, guaranteed price and schedule.
Due to the collaboration between our in-house architects, engineers, and contractors, we are uniquely positioned to guarantee the accuracy and completeness of our design. This benefit is not typically available when you choose the traditional project delivery method.


High Tech Innovation

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an integral part of every project we do. Because we construct your project in a 3D environment, you can virtually tour your new building online months before actual construction begins. This gives you the option to make design modifications early and economically.
In essence, when it’s correct in the computer it’s correct in the manufacturing and construction process. The result is faster on-site construction and the elimination of conflicts that can lead to costly change orders – or worse, delayed or halted construction.


Luxury, Quality and Durability

FINFROCK’s unique construction methodology incorporates exceptionally long, column-free spans, allowing optimal flexibility for creating dramatic and eye-catching open spaces.


A Unique Brand of Offsite Construction

Our proprietary DualDeck ™ Building System enables projects to be completed significantly faster. Produced in a quality-controlled factory setting, building subsystems such as electrical, mechanical, and plumbing are cast into building components during manufacturing. This moves a significant amount of labor offsite to a more efficient manufacturing setting.