Solutions 19.2

Saving Owners Money

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Saving Owners Money

Lessons Learned from Changing our Thinking

You don’t use the same phone you used ten years ago; you probably don’t shop the same way you did five years ago…so why do so many owners approach a new building project the same way they have for decades?


In our humble beginnings, we did the same thing. We worked with different architects, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and third parties to complete one project. It was a very fragmented process with inefficiencies that often negatively impacted the owner. Frustrated with the process, we knew there had to be a more beneficial way.

What if you could experience a new way to build and have your next building project delivered to you from one accountable source like you would with the purchase of a vehicle or product? In this issue of Solutions, learn how FINFROCK’s vertical integration has allowed us to evolve from manufacturing precast concrete components to offering turnkey solution for delivering parking garages and award-winning multi-story buildings as a product rather than a series of services.