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Saving Owners Money

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Saving Owners Money

Lessons Learned from Changing our Thinking

You don’t use the same phone you used ten years ago; you probably don’t shop the same way you did five years ago…so why do so many owners approach a new building project the same way they have for decades?


In our humble beginnings, we did the same thing. We worked with different architects, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and third parties to complete one project. It was a very fragmented process with inefficiencies that often negatively impacted the owner. Frustrated with the process, we knew there had to be a more beneficial way.

What if you could experience a new way to build and have your next building project delivered to you from one accountable source like you would with the purchase of a vehicle or product? In this issue of Solutions, learn how FINFROCK’s vertical integration has allowed us to evolve from manufacturing precast concrete components to offering turnkey solution for delivering parking garages and award-winning multi-story buildings as a product rather than a series of services.


Fifty years ago when FINFROCK supplied structural components for our first parking garage, the process for building was for the owner to hire an architect for plans and specifications and then put it out for bid. It was a process that often resulted in higher costs and schedule delays for the owner as well as frustration for all parties involved. Sound familiar?


To accomplish our goal of offering a better solution, we took responsibility for all aspects of design, structural component manufacturing and construction and brought them all under one roof. This single source design-build approach gives the ability to know costs early, control schedules more effectively and reduce risk for all parties.
This vertically integrated process, rarely seen in the construction industry, proved to offer more benefits to owners. Our single source design-build approach is
a cutting edge method to improve communications, reduce waste, cut costs, speed project delivery and reduce risk.


The evolution of FINFROCK’s delivery process did not happen overnight. Our epiphany of becoming a single source for the owner was just the beginning. Over the years and with almost 250 successfully completed design-build projects behind us, we have continued to improve the process by pioneering new ways to build.


With the delivery of our patented DualDeck™ Building System, we have applied the knowledge learned in delivering parking structures as a finished product to delivering multi-story buildings the same way. This system is the powerhouse behind innovative offsite construction without the typical constraints of modular construction. Structural components, including integrated subsystems, are manufactured in our state-of-the-art, quality controlled factory setting.
Using Building Information Modeling (BIM), we construct your project virtually before manufacturing and construction begins. The results are a building precisely designed then assembled on site without conflicts that lead to costly change orders, or worse, delayed or halted construction.
Through lessons learned, combined with a vertically-integrated business model, the disruptive technology of the DualDeck™ Build System changes how we build buildings and deliver exceptional customer value.


The sky is the limit with FINFROCK’s unique design-manufacture-construct project delivery system. From parking structures to modern multi-
story buildings with luxury amenities, FINFROCK is the
only vertically-integrated firm that substantially lowers project delivery risk for owners. With
in-house design, manufacturing and construction, FINFROCK provides guaranteed pricing before the completion of design documents and compresses schedules to give you predictable costs and on time completion. Owners gain tremendous benefits including superior flexibility and sustainability. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Let’s create something together today.


By providing single source responsibility for the entire process, FINFROCK virtually eliminates owner risk. Our 75 years of experience enables us to deliver exactly the building you need – on time and on budget.


FINFROCK’s project delivery system is unmatched in its quality and efficiency. This enables us to guarantee our price while improving performance, resulting in more value for your project dollar.


As a vertically integrated company, FINFROCK is able to conduct work in multiple phases of a project simultaneously. With multiple disciplines moving forward at
the same time, schedules are compressed.