Why Alliance Partnered With Modular Builder FINFROCK

Multifamily Executive

Bill Finfrock and John Zeledon on new partnership, construction industry newsBill Finfrock and John Zeledon on new partnership, construction industry news


They actually moved faster than we needed them to, and part of what I had to convince my partners and our financial sources of is that we could build it at this speed. "

When something’s never been done before, it can be difficult to visualize the end result. At least, an end result that’s a success. For some, the thought of the unknown is a nonstarter. They’ll just stick to what’s conventional and keep moving forward.


But there are others who approach each opportunity with an open mind, and possess the ability to envision what’s ahead, like a chess player mapping out his next three moves.


John Zeledon, who’s responsible for all development activities within the Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa, Fla., markets as managing director at Alliance Residential, fits the latter description.


When you work for one of the nation’s biggest apartment development companies—ranked second, after Greystar, on the 2017 NMHC Top 25 Developers list—staking millions of dollars and years of company time, energy, and resources on something “new” is daunting. You must envision the possibilities while also persuading a few associates and equity partners that the vision will become a reality.