101 Eola

Orlando, Florida

101 Eola is a condominium in downtown Orlando with 146 units, 280 car garage, an elevated pool and amenities.


146 units, 14,000 sq. ft. of retail space, elevated pool and amenities deck and 280 car garage.


Real Estate Inverlad


Completed 2008

FINFROCK provided the owner a solution after the original cast-in-place building design came in over budget. FINFROCK’s solution maintained the residential layout efficiency and maximized the parking efficiency thereby eliminating the need for a level of parking below grade. The innovative redesign incorporated vierendeel trusses and shallow hollow core planks to minimized floor to floor heights while keeping the desired ceiling heights.


The complete precast structural system saved critical time throughout the construction schedule by allowing subcontractors early access due to the vertical construction method. FINFROCK suggested modifications, while serving as the structural engineer of record and parking consultant for the project, saved significant time and over $1M in construction costs from the previous design. Additionally, FINFROCK served as the precast manufacturer and erector, working on an extremely tight site without disruption to other construction activities.


"The structural strength and high quality of the precast concrete were advantageous to achieving the architectural-design objectives."

Mike Houseman, AIA, Principal
Baker Barrios Architects, Inc.

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