City of Ocala Parking Structure

Ocala, Florida

The City sought a design-builder to deliver a parking structure to blend with the alluring atmosphere of their historic downtown.


400 Stalls, 2 elevated levels


City of Ocala


Completed 2016

Deemed most responsive, FINFROCK's proposal of a two-elevated level, 400 stall parking structure with a brick facade compliments a bygone era when Ocala became known as the Brick City.  The City attained the nickname following an 1883 fire that destroyed its wood buildings and caused a ban on wood construction.  The design uses window openings in the wall panels to achieve the look of small shops and thriving businesses.


“This project was completed 31 days ahead of schedule and more than $20,000 under budget. I have been associated with the construction of numerous large capital improvement projects for more than 20 years and have never experienced this level of company performance and delivery.”


~ John Zobler, City Manager
City of Ocala

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