Palm Beach Atlantic University ODP Building

Palm Beach, Florida

The student housing structure includes 92 rooms accommodating 184 students, 13,000 square feet of academic space and 526 parking spaces in one structure covering less than an acre.


92 student housing rooms


Palm Beach Atlantic University


Completed 2002

The cost savings the university realized through FINFROCK’s integrated product delivery method paid multiple dividends. PBAU’s original budget for this project was $9,000,000. The lowest of 5 bids came in at $13,000,000. FINFROCK completed the project for the University for $10,500,000 and expanded the structure beyond the original set of plans.


Key to the university’s decision to move forward with the project was the cost savings produced by FINFROCK’s innovative use of precast concrete structural elements to accommodate the university’s varied needs – within the institution’s budget – on a parcel that amounts to slightly less than an acre.


"We’re pleased that FINFROCK created a solution for us that provides the college with a mixed-use structure on a schedule faster than we could achieve with conventional construction and at an affordable price."


Paul R. CortsPresident
Palm Beach Atlantic University

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