The Dwell

Maitland, Florida

In January 2005, The Klein Company contracted with FINFROCK for the design and construction of the parking garage at their new residential loft project in Maitland, Florida.


379 stalls, 3 elevated levels


The Klein Company


Completed 2007

The garage has two walls, two stair towers, and one elevator lobby, which are shared with the housing component. As a result, the garage was placed on the critical path as the first building out of the ground. With proper planning and coordination FINFROCK was able to meet the schedule required for the project and integrate the precast concrete garage into the tight confines of the housing site. The design was able to make the garage “open” per code to alleviate the costly addition of a mechanical ventilation system and save on the overall project budget. The project was delivered on time and without change orders.


FINFROCK served as the architect, engineer of record, and design-build contractor for the garage and coordinated directly with the residential architect.


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