A superior method for a complete building.


FINFROCK does everything in-house, design, manufacturing
and final construction.

The FINFROCK process reduces risk and the hassle of dealing with multiple companies, cost overruns, and scheduling issues inherent in a traditional building process.


Single Point of Contact

Single Point of Contact

Compressed Schedule

Compressed Schedule

No Change Orders

No Change Orders

Single Source Responsibility from FINFROCK: The Solution

FINFROCK reduces cost, delivery times, and owner risk by combining design, manufacturing and construction into an efficient, unified process.



Industry leading expertise in precast concrete structures, architectural design, structural engineering, documentation and permitting.


manufacture-icon Manufacturing

Innovative engineering, precast concrete manufacture, leading edge laser layout technology, component delivery
and erection.



FINFROCK’s smart design provides the ability to make decisions which will speed construction delivery to the owner. Portions of the building which need the greatest amount of time to complete are finished first eliminating bottlenecks.

Guaranteed Price. Faster Delivery.

Northview Build Animation

Faster Delivery, Reduced Risk

FINFROCKS’s process keeps all aspects of building delivery under one roof to provide a single source of responsibility. Our unique design-manufacture-construct project delivery system places one entity in charge of delivering the complete building and greatly tipping the balance of risk and reward in favor of the owner.

Guaranteed All-Inclusive Prices

Through FINFROCK’s extensive experience, we understand the cost drivers, design standards, and construction details associated with the design and the construction of cost effective building projects. FINFROCK combines the advantages of in-house design with the expertise of our manufacturing and the experience of our self-performed contracting.