CityPlace B, C, & D Parking Garages

West Palm Beach, Florida

I liked what I saw and recognized FINFROCK’s ability to translate design into product.

Bud Barton, Vice President of Construction
CityPlace Partners, LLC

Capacity:Capacity: B–1,760 stalls, 6 elevated levels – Capacity: C–500 stalls, 5 elevated levels – Capacity: B–740 stalls, 5 elevated levels
Location:West Palm Beach, Florida
Owner:CityPlace Partners, LLC
Status:Completion Date: 2000

By selecting FINFROCK while design documents were in the early stages, the owner was assured of a precast design that was buildable without the risk of redesign and costly change orders in the precast concrete cost element and in the integration of sub-trades for the facility. Early project coordination allowed for the construction of each structure on a timely “total project” driven schedule. Ultimately, FINFROCK served as the precast contractor for the project.

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