Never Let Uncertainty Cost You

October 10, 2016

While most of us use the terms uncertainty and risk interchangeably, uncertainty is a lack of information, while risk implies probabilities we know or can measure. Uncertainty is one of the biggest drivers of extra time and extra expense on a construction project. But what if you could transform that uncertainty into risk that you could manage?

Converting uncertainty to risk improves our ability to make better decisions. So the move from uncertainty to risk can represent a vast improvement in the probability that the return on your investment will materialize as you intended.

More often than not, large construction projects are completed by several different companies; architect, engineer, contractor and any number of skilled trades subcontractors; that may or may not be working well together.

If, however, you can purchase a building as a product rather than a series of services, like by using FINFROCK as a single source business partner, you can start turn uncertainty into manageable risk by giving you the information you need to evaluate initial and many life-cycle costs.

With our fully integrated business model, the expertise necessary to deliver your building is contained in one organization. That means our team works together on every project we complete, and have immediate access to other team members, which facilitates communications and speeds answers that might otherwise impede workflow.

Elimination of Change Orders

Single source responsibility by FINFROCK guarantees our performance. Every building is designed virtually using Building Information Modeling (BIM). Analyzing each building’s structural and other subsystems, before construction begins, eliminates time-consuming and costly complications during construction.

Design Flexibility

With a two-hour fire rating, enormous column free areas, and superior sound attenuation, the DualDeck Building System allows ultimate flexibility in combining different occupancy uses and eliminates the doubt that your building will be able to accommodate any combination of uses, now and in the future.

Accelerated Schedule

Our in-house developed technologies allow extreme accuracy in the manufacturing of the structural components. These components arrive at the jobsite with many subsystems already installed, further speeding project completion. Your building is designed with the end in mind so the phases of construction which take the longest to complete erect early.

This unmatched combination of schedule accelerators to speed construction is currently unheard of in our industry, and is slated to become even faster. Our ultimate goal is to reduce on-site construction to half of what is now typical. The shorter your project schedule, the less exposure you have to the uncertainties of changes in the market.

Everything in life has some risk, and what you have to actually learn to do is how to navigate it. - Reid Hoffman

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