Command Suite

FINFROCK command suite graphic with structureworks, xceleraytor, and piece tracker logos.

Transform Your Precast Operations through Innovative Technology

Looking for a way to transform your business through greater productivity and efficiency?


Introducing “Command Suite,” a comprehensive, synergistic software package that creates a competitive advantage for your organization. Three essential software programs comprise Command Suite.


Giving You a Competitive Advantage


Finfrock Technologies provides tools exclusively for the precast/prestressed concrete industry that give producers a competitive advantage.


Recognizing an unmet need in the industry, Finfrock Technologies created synergistic tools that comprise Command Suite. These tools allow producers to significantly improve productivity and communications while substantially reducing errors and shortening schedules.

Command Suite features the following:

  • StructureWorks – 3D modeling software with exceptionally robust capabilities created by industry experts
  • XceleRAYtor – eliminates complex, unproductive piece drawings by automating simple to comprehend 3D work instructions
  • PieceTracker – product management software to provide real-time, accurate communication of information for each precast component

When used in conjunction with other technologies, producers realize enormous advancement in their operations. This complete BIM solution creates the synergy to improve information flow and productivity for the competitive advantage producers desire.

Download the Command Suite brochure (PDF)



The engine, driving all three programs, virtually creates 3D models, automates processes, increases the speed of design and eliminates error



Turn 3D models into error-reducing, easy to understand, 3D work instructions or laser files and rid yourself of complicated 2D piece drawings that are time-consuming to produce and difficult to comprehend



Provides real-time information about each building component, virtually eliminating delays and increasing productivity