As a Subcontractor Partner

Subcontractor jobs at the RFID building

At FINFROCK, we value the partnerships we develop with our Subcontractors and Suppliers and understand they are key to our success.

We strive for win-win relationships with companies who share our Guiding Principles:

  • Practice integrity in all that we do
  • Demonstrate a commitment to excellence
  • Treat all individuals with respect
  • Ensure our future by expanding our knowledge

“By using the DualDeck Building System, the project went faster and was cleaner than any other projects we’ve worked on. Because FINFROCK is building with concrete as opposed to wood, the long-term value of the project is immense. The DualDeck Building System is better to work with overall because it avoids the column obstacles you have in other construction. Working with the FINFROCK brand is an “upgrade” – the value is there.”

— Bill Shumaker, president of Stowell Company, Inc.


Experience the benefits of the FINFROCK process on your next building.