Prestressed concrete garage at Rollins College
Prestressed concrete garage at Rollins College


Big Tex Parking Garage

San Antonio, TX

Aerial shot of Parking Garage in Texas.

500 Townpark Parking Garage

Lake Mary, Florida

FINFROCK helped this owner secure a new tenant with the ability to deliver early accurate pricing for a new parking garage.
Built by FINFROCK, a vertical integration design-build company.

City of Ocala Parking Structure

Ocala, Florida

The City sought a design-builder to deliver a parking structure to blend with the alluring atmosphere of their historic downtown.
Prestressed Concrete Construction parking facility at Downtown Ocala

City of Winter Garden Parking Garage

Winter Garden, Florida

The City of Winter Garden sought a design-build firm who could deliver a parking structure that would meet the charm and character of Winter Garden’s downtown area.
Precast Concrete Structure at City of Winter Park

Keller Center Parking Garage

Maitland, Florida

FINFROCK served as the design-build general contractor for this 419 stall, 3 elevated level garage.
Prestressed Concrete at Keller Center

Lakeside Crossing Parking Garage

Winter Park, Florida

Looking for a cost-effective way to deliver a high-end city mandated architectural façade to a new urban infill project, this owner was drawn to FINFROCK single source of responsibility which provided an upfront guaranteed price.

Image of Lakeside Crossing parking garage, made by commercial design build construction firm FINFROCK.

Brandon Regional Hospital Parking Garage

Orlando, Florida

In response to a Request for Proposal, FINFROCK provided a solution to create more efficient use of available space than the hospital originally thought possible.
Pre-Stressed Concrete Facility at Brandon Regional Hospital

Port Canaveral CT-1 Garage

Cape Canaveral, Florida

FINFROCK created the most functional design at the best price.
Precast Parking Structure at Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal 1

Separated Mixed Use Parking Garage

Tampa, Florida

FINFROCK developed innovative design ideas which more economically incorporated the site utility constraints than did the original design by others saving the owner substantial costs.
Prestressed Concrete Separated Mixed Use Parking Structure

Florida Hospital North King Street Parking Garage

Orlando, Florida

This garage, comprised entirely of precast concrete, was manufactured off-site, thus reducing site disruption.
Prestressed construction at North King Street Garage

Hospital Parking Facility

Winter Park, Florida

A hospital parking lot designed to complement the  surrounding neighborhood.
Precast Concrete at Hospital Parking Facility

ICON Orlando 360

Orlando, Florida

The requirement for this 1,600 stall, six-elevated level parking structure, with a 10,000 square foot retail component, included complex loading and unloading situations.
Precast Concrete at I Drive 360

Moffitt McKinley Garage

Tampa, Florida

The challenge presented to respondents of the RFP for this project was to cost-effectively park the maximum number of cars in the space allotted.
Prestressed Concrete at Moffitt McKinely

Multi-Unit Residential Parking Facility

Orlando, Florida

FINFROCK reworked the original parking structure design for an apartment complex.
Prestressed Concrete Parking Facility at Multi Unit Residential

Sky House Orlando Parking Garage

Orlando, Florida

FINFROCK provided the most cost efficient design for a challenging site located in the heart of downtown Orlando.
Precast Concrete Garage at Sky House Orlando

The Residences at Winter Park Village

Winter Park, Florida

FINFROCK was able to work with and retain an already approved façade, while still designing a garage which eliminated an expensive mechanical ventilation system.
Prestressed concrete garage at The Residences at Winter Park Village

Highwoods Lakeside Expansion

Tampa, Florida

A Seamless Addition. Even though this garage was not designed for expansion, FINFROCK was tasked with designing an addition to the existing building which FINFROCK had delivered eight years earlier.
Prestressed concrete garage at Highwoods Lakeside Expansion

South Orlando Hospital Parking Garage

Celebration, Florida

FINFROCK worked with the owner and campus architects to rework the master plan, allowing for more efficient, and therefore less expensive parking garages, while achieving superior aesthetic appeal for the parking garage to accompany new expansion.
Precast Concrete at South Orlando Hospital

Adventist Health System Parking Garage at AHS Technology

Altamonte Springs, Florida

Building on a long standing working relationship, the Owner’s representative and architect for this new office complex structured parking facility agreed that FINFROCK would offer the best solution.
Built by FINFROCK, a vertical integration design-build company.

MetWest II

Tampa, Florida

The parking structure is designed to be delivered in three phases coinciding with the opening of each new office, yet allow for continued use while each new phase is constructed.
Precast Concrete Construction Garage at Metwest Phase 2

Osceola Regional Medical Center Employee Parking Garage

Kissimmee, Florida

FINFROCK improved the layout of the original garage in order to make the garage more functional and to decrease the overall costs saving 30% savings from the original design.
Prestressed Concrete Garage at Osceola Regional Medical Center

Port Canaveral CT-6 Garage

Cape Canaveral, Florida

The team provided the only proposal with a path to meet the owner’s budget while still maintaining the required amenities package
Prestressed Concrete Parking Facility at Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal 6

Sunrise Village Parking Garage

Sunrise, Florida

FINFROCK was able to reduce the cost of this garage by improving the functional design of the original plan while still meeting the requirements for an open garage.
Precast Construction Structure Sunrise Village

Winter Park Towers

Winter Park, Florida

FINFROCK designed a garage which met height restrictions and aesthetic requirements of all stakeholders while still meeting the car count needs.
Precast Construction at Winter Park Towers

Dania Beach City Hall Garage

Dania, Florida

The municipal parking garage serves patrons of the Paul DeMaio Library as well as future commercial and residential projects and City Hall at the Dania Beach City Center.
Precast Concrete Construction Dania Beach City Hall

Dania Beach Park-N-Ride Garage

Dania, Florida

This garage serves passengers for the Tri-Rail high-speed rail line that serves Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties.
Precast Concrete Construction Parking Facility at Park N Ride

Nemours Parking Garage

Orlando, Florida

As the design-builder for the 313,125 square-foot garage, FINFROCK worked with the hospital’s architect and construction manager to design the garage to compliment the 620,000 square-foot hospital.
Prestressed Concrete at Nemours Children Hospital

Port Canaveral CT-8 Garage

Port Canaveral, Florida

Completion of this project without disruption to the operations of the Port was paramount.
Prestressed Construction at Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal 8

The District At Old Dominion University Parking Garage

Norfollk, Virginia

This project demonstrates FINFROCK’s ability to integrate our design-build delivery method as a component of a total project from design through construction.
Prestressed Construction at The District at Old Dominion University

Orlando Health “C” Parking Replacement

Orlando, Florida

The facade of the 746,550 square-foot garage was upgraded to complement the adjacent medical office building at a cost that was acceptable in the hospital’s budget.
Precast Concrete Garage at Orlando Health C Deck Replacement

Osceola County Parking Garage

Osceola County Florida

The design included innovative ideas for framing and the use of colored concrete with a brick inlay in the structural panels rather than architectural precast panels — saving the client significant time and money.
Precast Concrete Parking Facility at Osceola County

Bonnet Creek Resort Parking Structure

Orlando, Florida

By adding FINFROCK to the design-build team in the early planning stages of this project the developer was assured the most cost efficient garage for the resort.
Parking Garage Precast Concrete at Bonnet Creek Resort

Corporate Center II, III and IV @ International Plaza

Tampa, Florida

Corporate Center II and III represent one garage built in two phases. As part of a plan for future development, Finfrock designed Corporate Center II and III garage for current use and future expansion.
Image of Corporate Center parking structure, made by commercial design build construction firm FINFROCK.

Darden Support Center Parking Garage

Orlando, Florida

In order to keep its focus on the construction of the corporate headquarters for this Fortune 500 Company, the construction manager for this flagship project issued a design-build RFP for the garage portion.
Precast Concrete Construction at Darden Support Center

H Lee Moffit Parking Structure

Tampa, Florida

After winning the contract for the new H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, Skanska USA approached FINFROCK to assume responsibility for the design and construction of the 950-stall, six elevated level, mixed-use parking garage portion of the project.
Prestressed concrete parking facility at H Lee Moffitt Cancer

Orlando Health Lucerne Parking

Orlando, Florida

To accommodate the ever-changing needs of a rapidly growing hospital, FINFROCK designed this garage for future retail space and with the ability to be expanded on one side.
Prestressed Construction Parking Facility Orlando Health Lucerne

Orlando Lutheran Towers Parking Garage

Orlando, Florida

Located in downtown Orlando, FINFROCK was tasked with designing a garage that complimented the existing architectural façade of the Orlando Lutheran Towers and complimented its urban context.
Prestressed Construction Full view at Orlando Lutheran Towers

Red Road Commons Parking Structure

Coral Gables, Florida

FINFROCK provided input during the design process to ensure optimal efficiency for the garage which is ventilated and connects, on three sides, to the residential units.
Precast concrete garage at Red Road Commons

Tarpon Point Marina Village

Cape Coral, Florida

For this project, the marriage of retail requirements and column-free parking with precast was accomplished.

Prestressed Construction at Tarpon Point Marina Village

West Broad Village Parking Garages

Richmond, Virginia

FINFROCK helped the developer Unicorp National Development, Inc. save nearly $10 million of dollars in the cost of the four parking garages by suggesting a complete redesign of the site plan.
Prestressed Construction at West Broad Village Parking

All Children’s Hospital Parking Structure

St. Petersburg, Florida

All Children’s Hospital initially issued a request for a design-build proposal which included a specific schedule as well as a specific budget.

Built by FINFROCK, a vertical integration design-build company.

Biscayne Landing Parking Garage I

North Miami, Florida

Meeting local and small business expectations from the City of North Miami was a priority for FINFROCK. FINFROCK was architect of record, structural engineer, parking consultant, precaster, and design-build contractor for the Aventura parking garage.
Precast concrete structure at Biscayne Landing

Highwoods Preserve I, II, III, VII

Tampa, Florida

Finfrock assumed full design-manufacture-construct responsibilities for all structured parking at Highwoods Preserve a major Class A office development project.
Precast Concrete Construction at Highwoods Preserve

Highwoods Bay Center

Tampa, Florida

By selecting FINFROCK while design documents were in the early stages, the owner was assured of a 244,895 square-foot parking garage design that was buildable without the risk of re-design and costly change orders.
Precast concrete parking facility at Highwoods Bay Center

Mercy Hospital Parking Structure #3

Miami, Florida

As the campus of Mercy Hospital grew, there came a pressing need for additional parking to serve this growth. Having previously benefited from the value of FINFROCK’s Design-Manufacture-Construct project delivery system, one hospital’s executive enthusiastically supported the decision to proceed with FINFROCK.
Precast Concrete Parking Garage at Mercy Hospital

The Dwell

Maitland, Florida

In January 2005, The Klein Company contracted with FINFROCK for the design and construction of the parking garage at their new residential loft project in Maitland, Florida.
Precast concrete garage at The Dwell

Village @ Imagine Parking Garage

Orlando, Florida

The construction team required an economical yet attractive parking garage constructed within a very short time frame.
Precast Construction at Village at Imagine

Bradenton Judicial Center Parking Facility

Brandenton, Florida

FINFROCK provided a redesigned garage, which supplied the same number of spaces but in one less level than the original design the City considered.
Bradenton Judicial Center Pre-stressed Concrete Structure

Orlando Health “D” Parking Expansion

Orlando, Florida

Being familiar with FINFROCK’s work on other garages on their campus, Orlando Health was confident that FINFROCK could meet its very aggressive schedule for this expansion project.
Prestressed Concrete Garage at Orlando Health D Deck

Aventura Marina

Aventura, Florida

When the developer, The Related Group of Florida, required a fast-track parking structure to open in order to move tenants into a residential condominium, FINFROCK responded with the ultimate solution.
Precast concrete parking garage using vertical integration

Atlantic Tower

Pompano Beach, Florida

The age-old problem of aesthetic sensibility versus economic feasibility often brings building projects to a halt.
Built by FINFROCK, a vertical integration design-build company.

Aventura Hospital MAB Deck

Aventura ,Florida

This was the fourth garage where FINFROCK, acting as the structural engineer of record and precast/prestressed concrete manufacturer and erector, teamed with the general contractor to deliver value to their customer.
Precast concrete parking structure at Aventura Hospital MAB

Highwoods Parkside

Tampa, Florida

Set in a mature campus FINFROCK designed the parking structure to blend with existing buildings as well as being an aesthetic focal point to the office park entrance.
Precast concrete construction at Highwoods Parkside

North Collier Hospital

Naples, Florida

It was important for the parking structure to blend with the already existing architecture.
Precast Construction North Collier Hospital

Port Canaveral CT-10 Garage

Cape Canaveral, Florida

Abundant, cost-effective parking is essential for this course of strategic growth to continue.
Prestressed Concrete Garage at Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal 10

The Venture

Aventura, Florida

FINFROCK worked with project architect to revise the garage design including innovative ideas for framing and the use of precast planters in the structural panels rather than architectural precast panels.
Prestressed construction at The Venture

University of Tampa Parking Garage

Tampa, Florida

FINFROCK’s delivery system shortened construction time, which helped limit disruption to busy campus activities.
Precast Concrete Structure University of Tampa

Netpark Tampa Bay

Tampa, Florida

FINFROCK’s unique Design-Manufacture-Construct project delivery system meant the owner of this parking structure was able to achieve early occupancy.
Prestressed Concrete Parking Garage at Netpark Tampa

Pinecrest School

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

The age-old problem of aesthetic sensibility versus economic feasibility often brings building projects to a halt, but with FINFROCK's design, we are able to overcome these obstacles.
Prestressed Concrete Garage at Pinecrest Preparatory School

Porto Bellagio Parking Garage

Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

FINFROCK was able to design the wall panels in the precast system of the parking structure to blend with the design of the apartments it serves, providing attractive parking for this upscale waterfront residential community.
Precast Concrete Construction Garage at Porto Bellagio

University Town Center Parking I

Hyattsville, Maryland

The developers of University Town Center One were able to realize significant savings after FINFROCK reconfigured the footprint of their garage.
Precast construction at University Town Center Parking

K-Force Parking Garage

Tampa, Florida

This marked the 11th successful completion of a project between Highwoods Properties and FINFROCK.
Prestressed Concrete at KForce Parking Garage

Orlando Health “D” Parking

Orlando, Florida

The sheer size of the structure, 529,893 square feet, required a double helix ramping system to allow greater and faster exiting capacity
Prestressed Garage Construction at Orlando Health D Deck

Baptist Hospital Parking Structure

Miami, Florida

Because of growth challenges, Baptist Health Systems of Florida turned to a proven team when they needed to add employee parking.
Precast concrete parking structure at Baptist Health

City Place “B”, “C” and “D” Parking Structures

West Palm Beach, Florida

By selecting FINFROCK while design documents were in the early stages, the owner was assured of a precast design that was buildable without the risk of redesign and costly change orders in the precast concrete cost element and in the integration of sub-trades for the facility.
City Place Parking Precast Concrete Construction

Rollins College Parking Deck

Winter Park, Florida

Cost savings of over $750,000 were realized using an innovative structural system of wall panels that served as architectural as well as serving as structural members.
Prestressed concrete garage at Rollins College


Gainesville, Florida

The mixed-use parking garage contributed to the LEED Gold Certification that Shands received for the total project.
Precast Concrete at Shands Healthcare

1001 Heathrow Parking Garage

Lake Mary, Florida

Single-source of responsibility and ability to deliver a guaranteed lump sum price, before signing an expensive design contract, attracted this owner to hire FINFROCK.
Built by commercial construction specialists FINFROCK

USF Parking Garage

St. Petersburg, Florida

This structure houses a state-of-the-art campus police station, an 18,000 square-foot bookstore,  a 3,000 square-foot campus police station and a complete security system.
Prestressed concrete structure at University of South Florida

Post Parkside Parking Structure

Orlando, Florida

In addition to parking, the mixed-use facility accommodates retail and residential.
Precast Construction at Post Parkside

Jefferson at Young Circle

Hollywood, Florida

The use of precast components in this parking garage reduced the overall construction schedule and minimized disruption to the public.
Precast construction at Jefferson at Young Circle