Today, on Skilled Trades Day, we celebrate the backbone of our industry – the skilled tradespeople who shape our communities and bring our visions to life. It’s a day to honor the dedication, expertise, and hard work that goes into every project we undertake. Skilled trades are the foundation of the construction industry, driving growth, innovation, and economic prosperity. In Florida alone, the construction industry is booming, with thousands of projects underway and a growing demand for skilled workers.

At FINFROCK, we recognize the invaluable contributions of our skilled workforce, and we’re thrilled to mark this occasion by launching our very own FINFROCK Apprenticeship Program.

Kids engaging in STEM activities at the Orlando Science Center

We are proud to introduce the FINFROCK Apprenticeship Program – a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent, fostering growth, and investing in the future of our workforce. Whether you’re a seasoned employee or a newcomer to the industry, our apprenticeship program offers a structured pathway to enhance your skills, advance your career, and make a lasting impact in the world of construction.


In the vast landscape of skilled trades, many rewarding career paths await those with a love for craftsmanship and dedication to excellence. Operating heavy machinery requires finesse and expertise, as drivers maneuver cranes, trucks, and transporters with precision and care.

From the precision of carpentry to the artistry of welding, roles that stem from our apprenticeship program vary but are all concentrated in the different fields that make up our design, manufacturing, and construction departments. Each trade is a testament to the mastery of its practitioners, who contribute their unique skills and talents to FINFROCK’s operations.


The FINFROCK Apprenticeship Program is open to current employees and external candidates who demonstrate a passion for their craft and a desire to excel in the field of design-build/construction. We believe in providing opportunities for growth and development to all team members, and our apprenticeship program is designed to support individuals at every stage of their career journey.


As a participant in the FINFROCK Apprenticeship Program, you’ll gain access to specialized training, mentorship opportunities, and hands-on experiences tailored to your unique career goals. Whether you’re interested in carpentry, welding, design, or project management, our program is crafted to deepen your expertise and empower you to take on new challenges with confidence and skill.

Our apprenticeship program operates within a structured framework and is loosely based on our Manufacturing Levels Guide, providing a clear path for your professional advancement. While participation is selective, we encourage all eligible employees to express their interest and explore potential opportunities with their supervisors. At FINFROCK, we’re committed to supporting your growth and helping you reach your full potential.

photo of FINFROCK employee promoting CTE

We’re here to answer your questions, provide guidance, and support you every step of the way. If you’re ready to take the next step in your career and embark on a journey of learning and discovery, we invite you to reach out to our apprenticeship team at