UCF Towers at Knights Plaza
UCF Towers at Knights Plaza

ucf towers at knights plaza

UCF Towers Courtyard
Where campus events shine

The Towers apartments are nestled in one of the most dynamic areas on campus-Knights Plaza. With concerts, athletic events, the All Knight Study, RWC @ Knights Plaza and lots of great retail and dining options, this area of campus is the place to be.


These apartments feature full kitchens with dishwashers, single bedrooms with full-size beds and private garage parking for residents. The typical apartment layout has four bedrooms sharing two bathrooms. 

An exciting campus experience at the University of Central Florida

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The design architect was faced with an especially aggressive schedule when it received the go-ahead for this project with a delivery date of one year. After comparing several structural systems, FINFROCK’s proved to be the only which permitted delivery of the project on schedule and at the lowest cost.

FINFROCK designed, manufactured, and erected the structures of four student housing facilities totaling 2,000 beds in 800,000 square feet of living area and three parking garages totaling 2,150 stalls. The garages were designed with an integral cornice which sped the construction time, reduced the overall cost, and improved the durability of the structure. FINFROCK served as the design-build general contractor, parking consultant, and precast concrete manufacturer.