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FINFROCK is proud to be an industry-leader in sustainability while promoting the positive impact of prefabrication and modular construction.

commercial construction services

FINFROCK is an Orlando-based design-build, general contractor & architectural firm
. We provide commercial construction and architectural design services in Florida and beyond. Our goal is to honestly and openly address your construction and architectural needs and get your project completed on time and on budget. 


modular building

Our in-house Capabilities

The very nature of FINFROCK’s vertical integration and project delivery method dictates that we work with you to quickly determine if we can provide value to you and your project. Since we do not provide design and construction as separate services, it is not beneficial to design buildings that no one builds.

In that regard, we are like-minded with owners and developers – the only reason to design a project is to build it and have it provide the intended return on investment. We are committed to letting you know early if your project can be brought to fruition under a design-build contract.


Our Complete Design-Build Services Include:


  • Feasibility Studies
  • Architecture Design
  • Engineering Design
  • Precast Concrete Manufacturing
  • General Contracting
  • One partner from concept to certificate of occupancy

sustainability services

Want to go green but not sure where to start? No matter which market your development is in, FINFROCK takes your sustainability goals into consideration and walks you through what’s achievable with the budget you desire. Our clear and transparent estimation process will allow you to make confident decisions on the sustainability features you are considering for your project.

  • Comprehensive Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Financial Incentives for Green Construction
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Feasibility Study

Our Approach to Design-Build

You’ve probably heard the construction horror stories of change orders; battles between the engineers, architects and contractors; and subcontractor performance issues. See the difference when you work with one team who handles it all.

                      TRADITIONAL WAY
                     FINFROCK WAY

Our Approach to Sustainability

Precast concrete’s inherent properties make it a natural choice for achieving sustainability with today’s new buildings. With weather and climate disasters projected to increase –the most sustainable building becomes the one that is strong enough to be built once.


Powered by the brightest, most visible energy source available in the Sunshine State, FINFROCK has taken major steps toward developing renewable energy at its Apopka headquarters. Solar panels are installed on many of our projects, including our manufacturing facility, to provide a clean source of energy and reduce our carbon footprint.


installed across our
manufacturing facility


emissions offset
since solar
installation in 2019.


generated in-house
via photovoltaics
each day.

Construct with Insight, Not with Effort

Throughout our 78-year history, FINFROCK has constructed over 300 parking garages and several award-winning multifamily and hotel structures. We provide construction and design solutions to a variety of clientele while meeting budget and delivery schedules.

Design-Build VS. Design-Bid-Build

 Design-build is quickly growing in popularity in the United States as the preferred project delivery method in construction. The benefits of design-build are faster construction and delivery, less cost and schedule growth, and being less litigious than design-bid-build or construction manager at risk. Moreover, the Design-Build Institute of America’s (DBIA) research shows that design-build is the best-performing project delivery method for both schedule and cost over every other.

 With such compelling evidence to use design-build, what myths are keeping “the other half” rooted in less beneficial delivery methods?

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