General Subcontractor Information

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Specific Subcontractor Contacts

President/General Manager




Market of Projects Interested In

Project Locations Interested In


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Largest Contract to-date

Most Relevant Contract

Financial Information

Please attach copies of the following documents:

  • Most recent income statement & balance sheet, audited or reviewed by an independent CPA
  • Most recent monthly financial statement
  • Revenue from the last 3 years
  • Current backlog stating project name, start date, duration, and value
  • Copy of your current W-9
  • Current projected revenue
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P & P Bonding


Please attach a compliant sample Certificate of Insurance for the highest tier level for which you are eligible; Please see the FINFROCK Insurance requirements Subcontract Exhibit “G.”

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Commercial General Liability


Employer’s Liability and Worker’s Compensation

Professional Liability

Automotive Liability


Please provide three references

Reference 1

Reference 2

Reference 3


Please attach copies of the following documents (if applicable):

  • Major disputes (non-litigation) in the past 3 years
  • Litigation in which you were involved in the past 5 years
  • Judgments, claims or suits pending or outstanding
  • Projects for which you have failed to complete your scope
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By executing below, I hereby attest and affirm that (1) I have the authority to bind the Subcontractor as stated herein, (2) I have completed the foregoing information, (3) we can comply with the attached Insurance Requirements, (4) the information provided herein is, to the best of my and Subcontractor’s collective, true and accurate as of the date referenced above, (5) we hereby provide authorization for FINFROCK Construction, LLC (or any representative or agent working for or on behalf of FINFROCK Construction, LLC) to contact any individual necessary, whether they be listed herein or elsewhere, in an effort to prequalify Subcontractor (6) we understand that any sample document attached hereto is subject to change and (7) I agree to FINFROCK's Terms of Use, Copyright Policy and Privacy Policy, linked in the footer of this website.