Internships & Professional Development Program

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Recruitment Schedule

Students must be willing to accept a 12-week minimum commitment to enter the program. While the majority of students find it more convenient to intern/co-op over their summer break, some have combined this with their spring or fall semester and stayed for as long as eight months.

We accept students as early as the end of their freshman year, and many interns return multiple times to continue their learning experience before graduation.


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Session Acceptance

We accept applicants for these sessions (variations in schedules need approval): 

  • January – April 
  • January – August 
  • May – December 
  • Mid May – Mid August

Internship Program

FINFROCK’s internship program provides the same PDP cross-departmental training opportunities for college students on an abbreviated 3-month basis

During this period interns work in at least two departments gaining skills and hands-on experience in FINFROCK’S Design-Manufacture-Construct process. Our multi-faceted company allows interns to understand the many different uses of their degree. Opportunities are available for college students majoring in the following disciplines:

  • Engineering Design (Civil/Structural or Industrial)
  • Architecture Design
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Construction Management (Design-Build Construction or Project Management)

Internships are conducted at our campus in central Florida. If necessary, FINFROCK covers housing costs during your internship.

Professional Development Program (PDP)

FINFROCK’s Professional Development Program (PDP) is designed to attract, develop, and retain early career professionals with leadership aspirations and provide our corporation with a source of future leaders.

The program. Identifies early-career individuals with strong inherent leadership behaviors, and it provides opportunities to increase their exposure to a variety of challenging work environments. Program participants develop a comprehensive toolkit to prepare for future leadership positions in business and technical areas.


The team. Participants perform rotational assignments, collaborate on company-wide projects, receive specialized leadership and technical training, attend in-house training programs and are encouraged to complete higher levels of education and licensure or certification when applicable.


The value. Offers hands-on training and experience for civil/ structural engineering, architecture, building construction, and other technical degreed candidates.