From the early days of developing prestressed concrete poles to stadium seating, our business strategy has adapted, allowing us to evolve into a single-source for complete finished buildings and the largest design-builder of structured parking today.

Over the years, we’ve found solutions to problems our customers didn’t know they had. But if you ask us what our greatest solution is yet –we would have to say it’s changing the game altogether. While breaking into the design-build industry, we saw problems inherent in the traditional construction process: miscommunication between multiple parties, cost overruns and constant schedule delays. By shifting these responsibilities to one single entity, the result is predictable costs, a faster build-out time, and a better overall customer experience.

As the single source for everything from initial architecture planning to final building acceptance, FINFROCK is equipped to meet greater expectations with a degree of accuracy and efficiency unmatched in the industry. At a time when our world is evolving at an increasingly fast pace, it is our drive to problem-solve that moves us forward as a company. As FINFROCK celebrates our 75th anniversary this year, we continue to challenge ourselves and create the solutions that will shape the future of construction.


Solving Traditional Problems with New Ideas


Problem: Multiple Points of Contact
FINFROCK Solution: One Contract. One Source.

Effective, efficient planning is everything for a multi-phase building project. Traditional construction methods involve purchasing design and construction services from separate entities, but buying multiple contracted services often creates a disconnect in clients obtaining their building on time and on budget.

Leaving your project in the hands of a single source shifts full responsibility to our firm. From the beginning of every project all the way through to completion, on-going communication happens between our team of experts and subcontractors. As a result, our customers are assured that the team on their project is working together towards a common goal rather than having to deal with separate parties working in silos. Our vertically-integrated project delivery system saves you time, money, and allows us to deliver you a building as a complete, finished product – not just a series of services. From initial consultation to final certificate of occupancy, we’re with you all the way.


Problem: Risks and Hidden Costs
FINFROCK Solution: Lower Risk and a Guaranteed Price

Through our experience, specialization, and scope of in-house resources, FINFROCK can establish an accurate price based on conceptual documents and an outline spec. Once you have identified a need, FINFROCK is able to
deliver a comprehensive design, a realistic construction schedule and an extremely accurate estimate of cost –all in a timely manner and without the need for spending large dollars upfront on architectural fees. Because we assume single source responsibility for construction, your risk in that regard is dramatically reduced.

Unlike traditional construction methods where you pay for a design that is not guaranteed to be viable, we are incentivized to design a building that will work for your budget. Because we are paid for the complete design-build
process of your project and not just the design, you’ll never be led down a dead-end path that costs you time and money. Our model provides a realistic solution that not only reduces your risk but adds value and economic insight to your building project.


Two workers stand with a DualDeck flipper

Two manufacturing crew members rotate a piece of our DualDeck® Building Technology at our headquarters in Apopka, FL.



FINFROCK’s In-House Manufacturing Solutions

Unlike the traditional construction bidding process, when you negotiate with FINFROCK you are buying direct from the manufacturer. With our proven structural designs and integration of trade systems into our product, owners aren’t burdened with the cost of custom, detailed engineering on each new project. With most of this work already done and standardized, we can concentrate on your specific functional needs and plan to deliver a custom design within your budget.


Higher Quality Building Components

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility makes use of high strength precast/prestressed concrete designed in 3D and fabricated using laser projections of the model by well-skilled personnel in factory-controlled conditions. We simplify and streamline the process of designing, engineering, manufacturing, assembling, and finishing multi-story buildings and projects.

Better Built with DualDeck®

Adding to our manufacturing innovation is our DualDeck® Building System – the result of more than a decade of proprietary engineering and product development. The DualDeck® Building System incorporates subsystems such as plumbing and electrical into the structural Components. This allows for faster build-out speed on-site. Ideally suited for large, mixed-use structures, our system is an economical solution and interior designer’s dream –huge unobstructed expanses that can be easily reconfigured to meet virtually any requirement, amenity or combination of functions.

Future Flexibility

Our precast concrete structural system is the ideal choice for navigating the demands of an ever-changing commercial real estate market. With frequent economic shifts, your building needs to have structural integrity, but
also be flexible for future uses. The DualDeck® Building System compresses schedules and minimizes your chance of building obsolescence. Long-span capabilities and easily accessible interstitial space permit unprecedented
open floor plans capable of adapting your building to changing needs. This allows you the peace of mind that you can make strategic market decisions in the future to meet the expectations of rapid change.


worker using laser-guided technology with precast

Our Past, Present and Future

Our track record includes developing innovative solutions for structured parking, office buildings, multi-unit residential complexes, hotels, and mixed-use facilities where parking is an integral part of the project. For over 75 years, FINFROCK has served clients throughout Florida and nationally. The firm has designed, manufactured, and built hundreds of projects for leading organizations in the United States, is highly ranked among the top firms in the design-build industry and is the recipient of multiple awards for design excellence. As we continue to grow, we will keep striving to find the solutions that make it easier to get the building you want.