FINFROCK is a leader in providing cost effective, rapid delivery of various types of multi-story buildings. We use a state of the art precast/prestressed concrete structural system which also frequently incorporates many subsystems into the structural components.

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FINFROCK’s single source of responsibility inherent in our delivery system provides you with a low risk, cost effective, faster method of building. FINFROCK is a recognized leader in building design, manufacturing and construction.

FINFROCK’s unique design-manufacture-construct project delivery system transcends traditional design-build methods. FINFROCK brings under one roof responsibility for guaranteeing the delivery of your project. With architects, engineers, precast-manufacturing and construction personnel in the same location, questions about your project can be answered without delay—you are always assured your project will stay on track.

Located in central Florida, we are strategically positioned to have easy access to your project. Our state of the art manufacturing facility makes use of high strength materials, laser technology, and highly skilled personnel in factory controlled conditions to assure the highest quality structure available.


Expertise Guaranteed

FINFROCK has the ability to provide customer value by quickly delivering a complete economical project solution using our design, manufacturing and construction (DMC) capabilities. In fact, on parking only projects, it is this expertise that allows us to be the only parking consultant who can guarantee a competitive construction price, without any expenditures by you, prior to the completion of plans.


Answers Without The Run–Around

You will always work with a single point of contact at FINFROCK. By having our design, manufacturing and construction companies all under one roof, you are assured that communications and problem solving on your project is handled promptly and efficiently.




FINFROCK’s 35,000 square-foot corporate office is located on nearly 114 acres in Central Florida — designed by FINFROCK engineers and architects, manufactured at our on-site facility, and constructed by FINFROCK construction professionals.

Save money, reduce risk and develop complete buildings faster with the FINFROCK process.