Our Value Proposition

FINFROCK’s ability to use enabling technologies and our development of a new building system, coupled with our design, manufacturing, and construction knowledge, allows us to provide building solutions through the efficient use of precast/prestressed concrete.

By correctly applying our design, manufacturing and construction knowledge we reduce risk, cost, and schedules for our customers.

While many companies offer design build services, no other company has made the leap to incorporate the design, integration of sub-trades into the manufacturing of the structural components, and construction into one single source of responsibility.

Learn more about how we provide value to our customers by operating as a trusted advisor.

Reduced Risk for Owners

By providing single source responsibility for the entire process, FINFROCK virtually eliminates your risk. Our experience enables us to deliver exactly the building you need.

Reduced Costs

FINFROCK’s project delivery system is unmatched in its quality and efficiency. This enables us to lower our prices while improving performance, resulting in more value for your project dollar. FINFROCK can even leverage its experience to provide early, accurate, guaranteed all-inclusive prices that include design by answering 3 to 6 critical questions.

Reduced Schedule

As a vertically integrated company FINFROCK is able to conduct work in multiple phases of a project simultaneously.  With multiple disciplines moving forward at the same time, schedules are shortened.