Hope is not a Strategy

Most would consider commercial real estate development as a long-term, entrepreneurial undertaking. An endeavor not to be entered into lightly and aided by all available technology and advancements to lower risks and provide the highest likelihood that there will be a return on investment. So why do so many developers assume they must take a traditional approach to building construction?

With the traditional construction procurement process of design-bid-build of hiring an architect, then bidding out the building to various contractors, the developer must believe that the project will have sufficient value to compensate for the time, labor, and other resources devoted to the project in the hopes of investment reward. Through the bid process, with its system of subcontractors, the developer is purchasing a series of events or portions of the project. In order to win their bid, each individual subcontractor is motivated to tailor his portion of the project in a way that will result in his lowest cost, not the project’s. As a result, the process is plagued with hidden costs, and there is often no clear idea of what the investment will genuinely cost until it’s too late.

But what if a developer could know the upfront costs and have a guarantee that the project will be on budget and on time? With FINFROCK, you can rely on more than hope.

FINFROCK’s in-house Design-Manufacture-Construct capabilities uniquely position us to deliver the maximum benefits to developers upfront. As a proven, single-source provider, FINFROCK reduces risk to the owner and avoids costly, single-discipline middle people.
Applying specialized Design-Manufacture-Construct knowledge improves building efficiency and brings your project to market faster. Most importantly, with FINFROCK, you are buying direct and will enjoy a value-added rather than an adversarial relationship.
Let us illustrate how particularly in these times of uncertainty and challenges, our vertically integrated system of construction project delivery offers developers more than hope, but a proven process as the best choice for genuine value, timely performance, and most significant benefit.

Upfront Costs to Determine Project Viability

  • In-house Design–Manufacture–Construct experience enables you to obtain an accurate price very early in the process. With in-house architects and engineers providing everything from master planning to a virtual walkthrough of the finished project, starting with FINFROCK enables owners to make a sound investment decision based on an upfront, total project price and timeline for construction.
  • Design-Manufacture-Construct Greatly Reduces Risk
  • Having every aspect of the Design-Manufacture-Construct process under one roof virtually eliminates change orders and disputes for the owner. You are assured that one, unified team of professionals share your same goal – to see your building actually built.
  • Systems Integration Improves Building Efficiency

FINFROCK’s patented DualDeck® building system is the powerhouse behind innovative offsite construction without the typical constraints of modular construction. With the ability to install building subsystems such as electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection under a controlled environment in our manufacturing facility, the use of DualDeck dramatically increases efficiency while measurably reducing cost and risk.


Enjoy a Value-Added, Rather Than Adversarial Relationship

Having one source of responsibility for your development project eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple companies, cost overruns, and scheduling issues inherent in the traditional building process. FINFROCK believes that a relationship built on mutual trust and respect far exceeds one built on the threat of litigation. Our win-win philosophy allows owners to get the building they want.