Advancing the Construction Industry thru Innovation

What would the world look like today if the smartphone in your pocket had no more features than the one Alexander Graham Bell patented in 1846? Like most industries, technological advancements have always driven construction forward. But what does that look like in the scope of today’s developer environment?
A building that that can be fully assembled by a crew of robotic workers is still far into the future, at least for most mainstream construction needs. Still, technology that can boost collaboration, increase communication and improve a project’s overall efficiency is already here.
Industry specific software products developed by FINFROCK’s software company, FINFROCK Technologies, LLC, are being used worldwide by precast concrete producers looking to increase their own manufacturing productivity.

FINFROCK utilizes StructureWorks 3D modeling software for the design, while the building is built virtually in the computer first to ensure the structures are error-free. This also provides information to building owners, so accommodating future building changes is easy. Once the design process is complete, much of the work can be produced through offsite manufacturing and onsite assembly, saving time and labor costs as a project develops.

FINFROCK is dedicated to meeting the challenges of the building industry with innovation. By integrating architecture, engineering, manufacturing and construction under one roof, the combination of our process and technologies have proven to cut onsite construction time nearly in half without sacrificing quality. Read on to learn how FINFROCK is using the power of technology to provide benefits to owners in the form of reduced costs and on-time delivery.


Reap the benefits of a technology-focused construction company.

Reduce Risk

FINFROCK’s fully integrated design-build project delivery system enables an accurate price to be developed, typically with minimal or no design fees. The 3D model allows you to see exactly the building you are buying and us to develop an accurate price. The FINFROCK approach minimizes your opportunity costs enabling you to prove the viability of your project sooner, thereby allowing you to make well-informed business decisions.

Reduce Cost

Technologies we utilize such as Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) are crucial resources for developing a project. The multiple efficiencies that serve to lower costs also keep onsite construction time to a minimum. Overlapping many disciplines, from permitting to manufacturing, site work to final assembly, FINFROCK projects are completed in fifty to sixty percent of the time it takes using typical design methods and other building systems. This reduced time on site means lower general condition and finance costs, while minimizing your risk of market changes that can occur over the course of a lengthy construction process.

Build Faster

While manufacturing precast components, FINFROCK begins site work so construction can begin as soon as components are ready for installation. Even during assembly of the structure, trade partners have access to portions of the building to further speed completion. With building subcomponents (mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection) precisely located in advance, interference between trades on-site is all but banished. This minimizes schedule delays and assures on time completion, meaning you get the building you want, faster.

Say Goodbye To Change Orders

In a conventional construction project, cost overruns through change orders routinely amount to between seven and eight percent of the total cost. The 3D model we use virtually eliminates change orders since conflicts are worked out in the model, not the field. The dimensional accuracy of every piece is exceptionally precise – meaning floor to floor heights, window openings and column spacing are specifically as shown on the plans, and specifically tailored to your timeline. You have the assurance that the cost you have at the start of construction will be the same at the end.