Image of interior lobby at NOVEL Beach Park ApartmentsAs we navigate through the economic landscape of the 2020s, one thing has become abundantly clear: the era of historically low interest rates is behind us.

Rather than lamenting the end of an era marked by low interest rates, savvy developers and investors recognize the present moment as opportune for forging ahead with new projects.
This underscores a fundamental shift towards prioritizing
quality over quantity, emphasizing the development of top-tier commercial properties designed to withstand the test of time. The key to success is partnering with a trusted advisor, like FINFROCK, who understands market dynamics and
shares the vision for bringing projects to fruition.

Pictured on the right: The main lobby lounge at NOVEL Beach Park 

Certainty in Construction
At FINFROCK, we recognize that uncertainty often looms large in the development process. Variables such as project start dates, approval processes, and financing structures can all contribute to a sense of unpredictability.

By collaborating with clients from the project’s inception, we swiftly determine its feasibility, saving valuable time and resources. This proactive stance allows us to design with an emphasis on economic viability, sparing both parties from
pursuing unviable endeavors. As a vertically integrated entity, encompassing architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and construction services all under one roof, we serve as the singular point of contact throughout the project lifecycle.

Detail Images of NOVEL Beach Park

Pictured above: The main lobby, model unit, and resident common areas at NOVEL Beach Park

Unlike firms that offer separate design and construction services, we understand the importance of designing buildings with a clear path to construction
. By seamlessly integrating design and construction expertise, we streamline the process, ensuring timely and cost-effective project completion.


Partnering with FINFROCK guarantees not only superior outcomes but also a streamlined, hassle-free experience, eliminating the complexities of dealing with multiple entities, cost overruns, and scheduling conflicts.
At FINFROCK, we redefine the client experience by offering more than just consultation, we become partners in your project journey. With a legacy of over 75 years, FINFROCK has consistently delivered projects that meet budgets, schedules, and investment targets. Ultimately, our goal is to align with owners and developers, working collaboratively to realize projects efficiently and profitably. From groundbreaking to certificate of occupancy, we oversee every stage, ensuring efficiency and minimizing risks typically associated with traditional processes.



In the bustling landscape of Tampa’s commercial real estate market, seizing opportunities for maximum profitability is paramount. That’s why NOVEL Beach Park, Tampa Bay’s newest luxury multifamily development from Crescent Communities, is a testament to the transformative power of FINFROCK’s strategic advisory planning and innovative design-build services. Originally planned for an office expansion, the property’s full potential remained untapped until the existing landowner and developer realized a heightened shift in demand for housing.

Initially engaged to only provide design and construction services on the expansion of the existing parking garage, FINFROCK’s teams immediately recognized the site’s exceptional potential as a location for a premium luxury apartment. Acting as a trusted advisor to Crescent Communities, FINFROCK’s wealth of design and development experience proved invaluable in maximizing
the developer’s return on investment.

Proposing a visionary strategy to build upward to a total of 9 stories and strategically shift the building’s positioning to capitalize on breathtaking water views, FINFROCK demonstrated its commitment to elevating the project’s profitability and appeal. The developer’s ultimate decision to densify the project, allowed by FINFROCK’s unique DualDeck® Building System, increased the allowable floor levels. This not only optimized land usage but also unlocked the construction of more high-level bay-view units, which in turn permitted the developer to charge view premiums on these higher floors. Moreover, due to its long-span properties, construction use of the DualDeck allowed the building to take advantage of the higher floor unit’s view premiums at a competitive cost, allowing the developer to also upgrade amenities and finishes to support the higher contemplated rents. Ultimately, this strategic maneuver met the area’s rising need for housing and significantly enhanced revenue streams for all stakeholders involved, while introducing one of Tampa’s top multifamily assets to the Westshore/Beach Park market.

FUll building view of NOVEL Beach Park and Tampa Bay in the background

This partnership underscores the notion that investing wisely in construction isn’t solely about cutting costs upfront; it’s about intelligently designing for long-term profitability and functionality. With FINFROCK’s partnership, Crescent Communities realized not only a stunning architectural achievement but also a lucrative and sustainable investment in the vibrant heart of Tampa’s coastal landscape.


Before embarking on your next construction project, it’s crucial to determine its feasibility and ensure a smooth journey from start to finish. That’s why we encourage you to talk to us first.

At FINFROCK, we take pride in working with customers on every step of the building process, from concept to completion. Our in-house team consists of award-winning architects, engineers, manufacturing crews, and construction experts all working under one roof to deliver exceptional value and results.

Our approach minimizes risks, reduces costs, and accelerates the timeline to bring your investment to life.

Diagram illustrating FINFROCK's vertically integrated design-build approach

By functioning as the first and last step in getting the building you want, FINFROCK minimizes client responsibility and risk as the sole point of contact throughout your building journey.