Benefits of our process

When you work with FINFROCK, you gain the benefits of working with a vertically integrated design-build company that provides a single source of responsibility for a project through all phases.

Whether your project is a multi-story building or a parking garage, cost control is critical. As a vertically integrated design-builder with a project delivery system that is unmatched in quality and efficiency, we are one of the only companies to offer a price guarantee.

As a single source of responsibility, we reduce risk and reduce costs for our clients and accelerate construction schedules. With nearly 75 years of experience in the construction industry, we can provide unique customer value using our design, manufacturing and construction capabilities.

Going far beyond typical design-build models, FINFROCK’s project delivery addresses your project’s aesthetic, functional and budgetary concerns up front. Because we build every project in the computer first, we can identify and address potential conflicts in design before beginning actual construction.

Let us deliver your next multi-residential housing, mixed-use, office, student housing, or parking structure project.

Experience the benefits of the FINFROCK process on your next building.